Read It! Over 40 Traditional Books and Counting!

Here is the ever growing list of books traditional Catholics should get their hands on! Click on the book titles to find out more. If you have any recommendations post it in the com-box below!

Pohle-Preuss Complete Manual of Dogmatic Theology
Sacrae Theologiae Summa

Any of the new Aquinas commentaries 

The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Sienna

The Last Superstition- Ed Feser
Champions of the Rosary- Donald Calloway
Catechism of Trent- Roman Catechism for Priests
Christ's Fulfillment of Torah and Temple- Matthew Levering
Catholic Doctrine as Defined by the Council of Trent
Blessed Be God Prayer Book
Humility of Heart

By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed- Ed Feser
Right and Reason- Fagothey

Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness- Peter Kwasniewski

The Glories of Mary- Liguori
Mother of the Saviour- Lagrange
The Teleological Grammar of the Moral Act- Steven A. Long
Nothing Superfluous- James Jackson

Divine Intimacy

The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana 2 Vols- Horvat

Topics on Tradition- Ripperger
The Soul of the Apostolate- Chautard
Book of Elders- Sayings of the Desert Fathers
Year with Mary-Thigpen
St. Dominic- Dorcy

Mother Mary Loyola Books
Perennial Wisdom for Daily Life Vol II- McInerny

Thomas and the Thomists- Romanus Cessario
Christian Spirituality in the Catholic Tradition- Jordan Aumann
The Three Ages of the Interior Life- Lagrange

The Sinner's Guide- Granada

Christian Warfare Prayer Book
Wisdom, Law and Virtue- Dewan
Theology of Christian Perfection- Antonio Royo Marin

Saint Thomas Aquinas, Vol. 1. The Person and His Work- Torrell

Saint Thomas Aquinas, Vol. 2: Spiritual Master- Torrell

The Creed Explained- Arthur Devine

The Commandments Explained- Arthur Devine

The Sacraments Explained- Arthur Devine

Manual of Ascetical Theology- Arthur Devine


Jose Apolinar said...

Awesome resources! Some of those are available online for free.
If you don't mind me mentioning, some other good ones are:
1) Any book by Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange
2) Enchiridion Symbolorum: A Compendium of Creeds, Definitions, and Declarations of the Catholic Church (Latin Edition) (Latin and English Edition)
3) The Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection by Fr. Alphonsus Rodriguez (which is sold by the Sisters of Carmel)
4) The Ways of Mental Prayer by Lehodey
5) De Controversiis by St. Robert Bellarmine (which are found on Amazon)
6) Carmelite writings such as St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Elizabeth of Trinity, etc.
7) The Spiritual Doctrine of Sister Elizabeth of The Trinity - M.M. Philipon

To name a few. Laudetur Jesus Christus!

Jose Apolinar said...

By the way, I saw your comment on Amazon about the Spiritual Writings of Denis the Carthusian. It's selling at $500 which is too much for me right now. Do you know where I can purchase the book for say under $50? Or do you if its available in digital format? Either English or in Spanish works for me.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Hi Jose. Unfortunately it looks like it went out of print. If I run across one I will let you know. I was looking for another copy not long ago and I could not find one reasonably priced either. I wish you luck in your hunt. Its a great theological work.