Sunday, December 2, 2018

St Anne Charlotte, NC: Light of Renovation in a Sea of Darkness

Yesterday I made what is probably my last trip to Charlotte, NC. I had to wrap up some personal business there and while I was in town I decided to see the renovation of Saint Ann in the South Park area of town. When I lived in Charlotte, now over 13 years ago, this was one of the most liberal parishes, and one of the worst looking in the city. Those memories haunted me so I was motivated to check out the renovation hoping to leave Charlotte behind with a pleasant  memory, and I was not disappointed.

Below in the video you can see the transformation of the Church when it was first finished. Since the video was made however they have added to the Church, and I must say its impressive. The life size statues are reminiscent of those you see in the old churches up north. The niches on both sides of the upper windows have 12 life-sized saint statues carved by Studio DeMetz in Ortisei, Italy. The stained glass windows were also nice made in a traditional artistic manner. The mural behind the altar is stunning. There are also Biblical passages wrapped around the Church calling to mind how we must win the race against sin. I took a few pictures when I was there, and its things like this that help me keep my sanity. The church also comes complete with an altar rail where everyone kneels to receive Our lord on the tongue!

St. Anne's is a stick in the eye to the modernist menaces trying to destroy the Church. May this church be an example to bishops and priests across our country. St. Ann proves that Catholic churches in our age can be renovated in a fashion that gives glory to God, and we need this now more than ever in our time of liturgical and theological madness. They also happily have two regular Latin Masses each week. If you are in Charlotte on a Sunday, this is the parish I would recommend visiting. God bless Father Reid and those who made this happen.

(From their website)
St. Ann is one of the few parishes in the Diocese of Charlotte to offer the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (the Latin Mass) on a regular basis. The Mass schedule is as follows:

Sundays, 12:30 p.m.
Wednesdays, 6:00 p.m. (Low Mass)