Monday, November 12, 2018

What Really Happened at the Youth Synod?

This is a great talk given at the Remnant's Catholic Identity Conference, by LifeSite's Diane Montagna who gives you the inside scoop on the Youth Synod. You can subscribe and see all of the  talks on their website.

Vatican shuts down USCCB Vote on abuse crisis!

Just announced, the Vatican has told the USCCB that they cannot vote as planned on Wednesday on the abuse crisis. Cardinal DiNardo this morning read a last minute announcement which he learned of at 9PM last evening, that the bishops were asked not to vote on "Standards of Episcopal Conduct" scheduled for Wednesday. The Vatican has said that the USCCB must wait for the January meeting in Rome to address these issues. What I found interesting was that Cardinal Cupich just seconds later stood up, went to the microphone before the conference even began and proposed that the discussion on the crisis continue without a vote so that their petitions could be taken to Rome in January.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Banned by Vatican From Travel?

Say it ain't so. One of the few outspoken orthodox bishops, Athanasius Schneider, is now being banned from travel by the Vatican? If this is the case, we are now seeing another move on the chess board to put Catholicism into checkmate by the hierarchy in the Vatican. Pray for this man, he is one of the few who helps keep our sanity under this Francis regime, which protects the predators and punishes the faithful. God help us! Update!

New update 11-7-18, Schnieder says he was asked to follow canon law by Vatican.

“I was asked on behalf of the Holy See to reduce the frequency of my travels outside my diocese, so that their duration will not exceed the limits indicated by Canon Law (i.e. 30 days). Therefore there is no travel ban.”

Canon 410, which regulates an auxiliary bishop’s travel, states the following:

Like the diocesan bishop, a coadjutator bishop and an auxiliary bishop are obliged to reside in the diocese.

Except for a brief time, they are not to be absent from it other than to fulfill some duty outside the diocese or for vacation, which is not to exceed one month.