Saturday, October 20, 2018

Rigid Truths II: Marriage and Teaching Children-An Answer to the Youth Synod

 In order, however, that amongst men of every nation and every age the desired fruits may be obtained from this renewal of matrimony, it is necessary, first of all, that men's minds be illuminated with the true doctrine of Christ regarding it; and secondly, that Christian spouses, the weakness of their wills strengthened by the internal grace of God, shape all their ways of thinking and of acting in conformity with that pure law of Christ so as to obtain true peace and happiness for themselves and for their families. (Casti Connubi)

Its time for another dose of rigid truths! There is nothing new under the sun. For the past 2000 years the Church has been at work in the world bringing the grace of Jesus Christ to all cultures in all times. Human nature has not changed one iota since Christ and His apostles walked the earth. We still have the same fallen nature, the same propensity to sin and the same remedy for it, grace. Virtue is still virtue and vice is still vice and we all need to seek virtue and avoid vice. Our intellect can still know truth and we still have the freewill to choose what we love. We can do things God's way as perennially taught by Christ and His Church or we can do it the world's way, taught by Satan.

All of this hand-wringing and equivocation at the Youth Synod in Rome has worn thin on the hearts and minds of those trying to live the authentic Catholic faith. We do not need a group of so called experts to sit down and listen to the youth, what we need is for the shepherds to be actual shepherds and lead the sheep with the clear teaching of the Church. That means preaching the gospel as it has always been preached regardless of what generation you are preaching to, or where it happens to be on the globe. Yes we have new technology, but technology does not change human nature. Sure we have new means to communicate the truth, but communicate it we must. Like anything, technology can be used to improve things for the promotion of virtue, or be used to promote vice.

There is a very simple solution for evangelizing the youth and that is fostering a strong family unit in which the youth are taught the faith. Every child has a right to a loving mother and father who will bring them up in the Catholic faith. The indissoluble sacrament of marriage is of the utmost importance for the upbringing of the youth in the Church. All of this pandering to the world giving the impression that divorce is not such a bad thing has been a disaster. This new idea that Catholics who are divorced and "remarried" need to be able to receive the Eucharist is simply diabolical. This mentality does not foster grace in these individuals nor does it foster grace in their children. Divorce always divides the family and that is what the enemy wants. He wants to downplay the seriousness of the sacraments of marriage, confession and the Eucharist in order to foster a lukewarm faith, which is of course what Our Lord hates the most. He is doing a good job of it.

With marriage comes the obligation to be open to new life. This means that when a large portion of Catholics are illicitly using contraception, this brings with it a demonic presence that prohibits grace from working in the family. If the Youth Synod is serious about fostering the true faith in the Youth in order produce true holiness, it should be focusing on the bonds of marriage and clear traditional catechesis. The faith that is well understood and lived by the parents will usually also be strong in the children. When the mother and father are living the spiritual life in a state of grace, the children will also generally follow. We now have a modernist infused theology being taught in a large portion of the Church across the world today. We are taking our lessons from the world rather than teaching the world a lesson in grace. Families are being broken apart because of lukewarm faith, and this leads to the issue we have with the youth not seeing the Church as being relevant.

This has nothing to do with too few youth programs, as nice as more of these might be if they were well oriented, it has to do with actually living the Catholic faith in the home. If our bishops and priests teach the faith clearly, in season and out of season, and foster holiness in the spiritual life in the home, we can begin to pull the youth back into the Church. As long as the parents live a lukewarm faith, then so will the children. Remember, just because the parents are going to Mass does not mean they have a vibrant faith, and children can see right through hypocrisy in the home. A strong family unit that puts God at the forefront is the only solution to this crisis. This is a rigid truth that is unchangeable and relevant to every culture and every age. All of the pandering to the world will not change this truth and it will certainly not make the Church more relevant to the Youth, only truth and grace can do that. Will Francis ever take a queue from his one of his predecessors Pius XI?

Yet not only do We, looking with paternal eye on the universal world from this Apostolic See as from a watch-tower, but you, also, Venerable Brethren, see, and seeing deeply grieve with Us that a great number of men, forgetful of that divine work of redemption, either entirely ignore or shamelessly deny the great sanctity of Christian wedlock, or relying on the false principles of a new and utterly perverse morality, too often trample it under foot. And since these most pernicious errors and depraved morals have begun to spread even amongst the faithful and are gradually gaining ground, in Our office as Christ's Vicar upon earth and Supreme Shepherd and Teacher We consider it Our duty to raise Our voice to keep the flock committed to Our care from poisoned pastures and, as far as in Us lies, to preserve it from harm.

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