Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Francis' and Cupich's Agenda: No! Faithful Catholics Are Not On Board! Go Down that Rabbit Hole!

“Where is the purity of the ministers of God’s Son? Reflect that just as you demand that the chalice you carry to the altar be clean and would reject it if it were dirty, so God, supreme eternal Truth, demands that your soul be pure and clean, without stain of deadly sin, especially the sin of impurity. ... These days we are seeing the exact opposite of the purity God requires! Not only are they not God’s temples carrying the fire of God’s word, but they have become stalls, lodging for pigs and other animals! They carry within the house of their souls the fire of anger, hatred, animosity, and ill will. For they harbor pigs, a filthiness that is incessantly rolling about within them like a pig in the mud. ... How bewildering to see Christ’s anointed ones giving themselves over to such wretchedness and immorality!” (Saint Catherine of Siena)

Today Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago casually dismissed the serious allegations made by Archbishop Vigano by saying, “The Pope has a bigger agenda,”... “He’s got to get on with other things—of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the Church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.” Can you believe the nerve of this man?

Rabbit hole he says? We have one of the most heinous scandals the modern Church has ever seen and he says rabbit hole? His agenda along with Francis is immigration and the environment? Think about this for a minute. Notice how nothing Cupich said has anything to do with the salvation of souls. It never is! Its all about the here and now. Its about immigration and the environment! To hell with preaching the Gospel and bringing the light of Christ to the world. To hell with worrying about destroying people's lives by the widespread sexual abuse problem in the Church. To hell with the salvation of souls! The environment is his and Francis' agenda. This mentality is surely one of the end results of buying into modernism.

Let me make this clear as I can to Cardinal Cupich. Catholics who are authentically trying to be true to the Gospel are not on board with this agenda. We do not put the environment above the salvation of human souls. We do not put the environment above the abuse of possibly thousands of souls which now have suffered at the hands of predator clergy in the Church. You should be worried about the environment of your own corrupt Church. Dear Cardinal, you also said, “It’s not just about the Catholic Church. Let’s look at all the agencies and institutions that deal with children on a day-to-day basis.” Let me also put this clearly. You have no business whatsoever talking about other agencies and institutions outside the Church that deal with children when your own Church has failed on the matter! Clean up your own house before you go looking to blame others. Make no mistake, its talk like this that makes me and many Catholics angry. To see you, a Cardinal talking like this in the midst of one of the largest scandals in the history of the modern Church is a scandal in itself. Its like throwing gasoline on the fire! Scandal upon scandal!

Again, no, we are no on board with this agenda. True Catholics are tired of your kind minimizing these heinous acts. We are tired of your worldly trivialities of watering down the Gospel, and neglecting the salvation of souls. Why have you in the past tried to keep faithful priests and seminarians from attending pro-life vigils! Yet you have the nerve to make the environment the focus of your agenda while thousands of innocents are killed each day from the atrocity of abortion? This is a disgrace and Catholics should be fed up by now with this chicanery. You have said, “The Church needs to be that community that is going to accompany people.” Accompany people to where? Hell? Where is your accompaniment of those struggling to conform their lives to Christ in the midst of a world that seeks to warp their souls and minds in the mire of sin? Instead you worry about the environment, which is here today and gone tomorrow when you take your final breath on this earth!

You have also said in the past, “The voice of conscience – the voice of God,”... “could very well affirm the necessity of living at some distance from the Church’s understanding of the ideal.” My question to you, where did Jesus Christ refer to the commandments as ideals? This is a noxious error that tries to justify malformed consciences into living sinful lives, rather than trying to accompany them into the arms of a loving God. Do you not believe in the power of God's grace to transform a sinner into a saint? This is God's agenda! His agenda is to transform sinners into saints. It is apparently an agenda contrary to the worldly agenda you just stated, which makes man god, and tells man that Christ's teachings are merely ideals that can be dispensed with as a "necessity"! Can man ever view living at a distance from Christ and his grace, falsely conflating "conscience" with the voice of God? The voice of God would never encourage a man to live at a distance from Christ's commandments or as you call them, "ideals." Your real job as a bishop and a prince of the Church is to properly inform men of the teachings of Jesus Christ so that their conscience will be in conformity to God's will This includes following His commandments. You know the "Commandments that teach us all that we are to do to please God - all of which is summed up in loving God above all things and our neighbour as ourselves for the love of God" (Catechism of Pius X)

In charity I say again, faithful Catholics are no longer going along with the madcap agendas of those who seek to trivialize the faith and continue to put souls at risk of damnation. We are not going along with a bishop or a pope who continues to malnourish the faithful with their false, trivial ideals and seek to protect those in the clergy who are preying on seminarians and the laity. We are not going along with the old silent treatment, where you hope all of this is just forgotten! I say with Saint Catherine of Siena who said the following regarding the problematic clergy of her time regarding misguided self love. I also call all good Cardinals of the Church not to be silent, and do go down that "rabbit hole" that Cupich desperately wants to cover over with another worldly agenda.

Oh how dangerous this love is, whether in those in authority or in those subject to them! Those in authority who love selfishly do not correct the sins of their subject, because those who love themselves for their own sake fall into slavish fear and so do not reprove. For if the loved themselves for God's sake, they would not fear with this slavish fear. They would with courageous heart reprove sin and not be silent or pretend not to see. I don't want you to have this sort of love! I beg you to act in such a way that First Truth's hard word of reproach will not be said of you: "Cursed are you who were silent!" Oime! No more silence! Shout out with a hundred thousand tongues! I am seeing the world going to ruin because people are not speaking out! I am seeing Christ's bride made pallid, her color drained, because her blood is being sucked from behind her back. (Saint Catherine, From Letter T16)

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