Friday, April 6, 2018

Krakow Pilgrimage- Day Three- St Faustina and Miraculous Churches

Its day three! I started the day by getting a taxi to the Divine Mercy Shrine south of the city. The bus would have been cheaper but the taxi is much faster and cost about 10 Us dollars each way. I got to the shrine and went straight to the old Divine Mercy chapel where you are able to visit the tomb of St. Faustina and see the original Divine Mercy icon. I really enjoyed the visit and went back two more times after visiting the new Divine Mercy Shrine and the JP II Center located across from the new Shrine. I found the new Shrine to be uninspiring. Given my dislike for modern architecture, this was no surprise and I didn't expect anything more. I went to daily Mass and then made my way over to the JP II sanctuary and museum. The museum was also disappointing. The sanctuary itself was not bad and I appreciated the mosaic iconography inside despite being a bit more modernistic than others.

After praying the Rosary on my hike back over to the Divine Mercy I went back to the old chapel and said the Divine Mercy chaplet. I went over to the sister's gift shop and purchased an icon of the Divine Mercy and went back over and touched it to the relics of St. Faustina. This was definitely the highlight of the trip over to this area. For those visiting I would recommend going to the old chapel and if you are strapped for time the new shrine and the JP II sanctuary/center would not in my opinion be "must sees." I was able to sneak in a couple of pictures of the inside of the old chapel.

The old chapel

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I then took a taxi back over to the hotel. I left at 8:30 or so and got back around 12:00. I then set out to visit some of the other churches in the Old Town. The first being the Franciscan church. There is a  painting of St Maximilian Kolbe inside that has a cult following. I took a picture but the dim light does not do it justice. This Church is where Kolbe began his Knight of the Immaculate monthly magazine.

I then stopped in to perpetual adoration at St Joseph's Church just south of the Dominican Church. After that I went to the spectacular Bernardine Church and Monastery, seen in the pictures below.

Not far down the street I was able to peek in the window and snap a shot of the locked Church of the Missionary Priest.

Another very popular church for pilgrims in Krakow is St. Stanislaw's church, known simply as Skalka (Meaning rock). This is just south of the Old City near the Vistula River. There are many miracles attested to St Stanislaw at this Church, and the pond outside is said to be miraculous. Sadly it looks like it is no longer kept up and is locked. At least that is what it looks like to me, not being very versed in Polish. The church was dark so it was hard to get great pictures, but definitely worth visiting. You can also get a ticket to the crypt where famous Catholic Polish writers, scientists and poets are at rest. The body of St Stanislaw used to be here until it was moved to Wawel.


The miraculous pond? 

I finished off the day at the church of Corpus Christie. This was a real treat and I recommend it as a "Must See."

After my long journey I stopped to get a bite to eat at the local restaurant. I had chicken liver dumpling soup, rabbit in creme sauce, a beer, desert and Zoladkowa Gorzka to calm the stomach. All in all I would say another blessed day here in Krakow.

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