Friday, April 13, 2018

Krakow Pilgrimage- Day Ten- Churches, Our Lady and Prayer

Our Lady of Piasek
This morning I decided to go to Mass at Sacred Heart Church just outside the Old Town. Although not quite as stunning as many of the other churches, Mass was very reverent and there were some special miraculous images inside. The image of Our Lady had many votive offerings around her attesting to answered prayers and miracles. The one beautiful thing about the Krakow churches is that each one of them usually has at least one miraculous image. Most of them are of Our Lady. Much as she was on my pilgrimage to Quito, Our Blessed Mother has been very good to me on this pilgrimage and she has brought me many graces. Today I was able to venerate her and thank here before several miraculous images.

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I hit several churches, the first being the Divine Mercy Church, which was closed but I took some pictures through the glass door. Next was the Capuchin Church which was locked so only pictures from the door. I then found myself at the Immaculate Heart of Mary where there was Eucharistic Adoration, so I prayed the Rosary. A nice small but beautiful church where two nuns sat in adoration in the sanctuary. I then continued on my way to the astounding Carmelite Church!

Sacred Heart Church

Capuchin Church

Capuchin Church

Divine Mercy Church

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

The Carmelite Church just on the outside of the Old Town was founded by Saint Jadwiga in 1087. Over the years of course many changes have been made. There are at least two miraculous images of Our Lady that are venerated by the faithful, Our Lady of Piasek and Our Lady of the Scapular.

Carmelite Church

Miraculous Madonna of the Scapular

Miraculous image, Our Lady of Piasek!

No matter where you stand she looks right at you!

After seeing the Carmelite Church I took a little break and got a snack. I then went over to St. Florian's Church, where they also have Adoration, I took the opportunity to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Part of the church was roped off so I could not see everything.

Saint Florian's

The Blessed Sacrament!

After spending the day church hopping I made my way across the Main Market Square to go to dinner. It was a beautiful day, other than an hour of brief rain. Here are some pictures as I walked through the Old Town.

Main Market Square

Main Square, Saint Mary's on left.

On the outside of the Dominican Convent., Our Lady of the Rosary 

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