Saturday, April 7, 2018

Krakow Pilgrimage- Day Four- Absorbing the Faith

No matter where you walk in the Old Town here in Krakow you cannot help but be reminded of the Catholic faith. That is not to say that everyone here is a practicing Catholic. However, with the miraculous churches on every corner, you can stop in and pray in the most precious jewels of our faith. This morning I was able to start the day off praying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet in front of the miraculous solid stone crucifix in St. Mary's. This crucifix from the early 1700's is said to feel like real flesh at times. Many have been healed in its presence. The person who restored it once said, "it felt not as stone but as warm flesh." I then attended Mass at the Czestochowa side altar which houses a replica from the 1600's.

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After Mass I went over to the Church of Thomas the Apostle. I went inside and spent some time in prayer. To my surprise however, in the vestibule there is a miraculous statue of Christ the Merciful! Numerous votive offerings attest to the miracles.

Christ the Merciful- Miraculous Statue
I went over the Dominican Convent. Unfortunately it is rarely open for visitors. I was only able to get some pictures through the window. On the other hand I was able to see the miraculous crucifix famous for speaking to a nun, who's mouth has forever remained open since.

The next church I went to, Holy Cross was also locked. I snapped a couple of pictures through the door.

Saint Casimir's was next on my list, and it was open. I was able to see the miraculous image of Our Lady. It was extremely dark so it was hard to get a decent shot of her. The colors on her clothing came out in the several pictures I took, but not her face. Perhaps she was saying, "No pictures please." As you can see there are tons of offerings thanking her for her intercession.

After doing a little more reading I realized that I totally missed the tomb of St. John Cantius the first time I was at St. Anna's. So I went back to get more pictures and ask for his intercession.

Walking back through the square passing St. Mary's I noticed the shackles I had read about attached to the outside of the Church where people were made to make public penances. This was done for serious sins such as fornication and adultery, you know the things we now celebrate in our culture.

I ended the day by taking a walk through the underground museum (Rynek Underground) which was opened in 2010. This museum is very impressive and very high tech. Over the course of several years much of the Market Square was excavated. They found tons of artifacts and have been able to see how the city had developed over the centuries. If you like history and appreciate archaeology, you will enjoy this. I spent over 2 hours looking at everything. They put together a nice multi-part movie series with English subtitles in separate small viewing rooms that covers the entire history of the city. Each part was like 15 minutes. I have to say that when it comes to museums, Krakow has done an impressive job.

And, to end the evening, perogies!

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Andrew W said...

The shackles for public penance - awesome! How did we go from public penance in shackles for grave sins to something like "accompaniment" a la the Synod on the Family?

Keep up the posts - these are awesome. The churches truly are some of the most beautiful I have seen.