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Building Your Reference Library: Dogmatic Theology

As most people know, I am a book fiend. I would rather keep wearing my old clothes, skip haircuts and not eat than not purchase a great book. In order to research theological topics it is important to have a wide selection of reliable doctrinal and spiritual writings from which to choose. I try and stay with traditional reprints when it comes to dogmatic theology, which I am focusing on in this post. Listed below are several traditional resources that I consider to be of great value in a home library. These can be used to teach family catechism and most questions that arise concerning dogmatic theology can be answered by referring to these books. Yes, these books are not cheap, but they are an investment in your faith! At least that is the excuse I use! ­čśë In my opinion no one should be teaching RCIA without using these resources. They are all steeped in the theology of Trent heavily influenced by Aquinas.

1. Pohle-Preuss Manual of Dogmatic Theology - Complete set of 12 Volumes in Six Books
The original publication was in 12 separate volumes. Loreto has re-issued the complete set of 12 volumes in six books. The six books may be purchased individually or as a set.

Volume 1 - God: His Knowability, Essence, and Attributes

Volume 2 - The Divine Trinity
Volume 3 - God: The Author of Nature and the Supernatural

Volume 4 - Christology
Volume 5 - Soteriology
Volume 6 - Mariology

Volume 7 - Grace: Actual and Habitual

Volume 8 - The Sacraments - Part 1
Volume 9 - The Sacraments - Part 2


Volume 10 - The Sacraments - Part 3
Volume 11 - The Sacraments - Part 4
Volume 12 - Eschatology

2. Sacrae Theologiae Summa (“Summary of Sacred Theology”)
Published by 'Keep the Faith' all volumes can be ordered on Amazon.
Volume 1-A: Introduction to Theology / On Christian Revelation (Nicolau)
Volume 1-B: On the Church of Christ / On Holy Scripture (Salaverri, Nicolau)
Volume 2-A: On the One and Triune God (Dalmau)
Volume 2-B: On God the Creator and Sanctifier / On Sins (Sag├╝es)
Volume 3-A: On the Incarnate Word / On the Blessed Virgin Mary (de Aldama, Solano)
Volume 3-B: On Grace / On the Infused Virtues (González Rivas, de Aldama)
Volume 4-A: On the Sacraments in General / On Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance and Anointing (de Aldama, González, Sola, Sagües)
Volume 4-B: On Holy Orders and Matrimony / On the Last Things (Sola, Sag├╝es)

3. Catholic Doctrine as Defined By Trent. by Rev A Nampon, SJ
This 700 plus page book takes you on a tour of the Council of Trent and all of its teachings! Learn about the history of the Council, Scripture, Tradition. The Trinity, Justification, The Sacraments and more! The work also contains relevant canons and decrees from the Council. No Catholic should be without this book. You can find reprints on Amazon, or free online versions as well.

4. The Catechism of the Council of Trent- The Roman Catechism
This is the famous Roman Catechism for the faithful released in question and answer format, not to be confused with the Roman Catechism of Trent for parish priests listed below. At over 500 pages all basic teaching of the Church are covered in 17 chapters. Barronius Press printed this edition but I no longer see it on their website. It can be found on Amazon.

5. The Catechism of the Council of Trent for Parish Priests
Not to be confused with the above version in Q&A format, this is organized for the teaching of parishes. Beginning with the Creed, then the Sacraments, next the Decalogue and finally Prayer, this is also a wonderful resource. This can be best found reasonably on the TAN website.

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