Friday, November 10, 2017

Ten Years of Blogging!

The end of 2017 will be the centennial mark of the Catholic Champion blog. With now over 1140 posts, its been an interesting and often fun venture. The site has taken on different personalities of sorts over the years. The first four years or so the blog was oriented towards apologetics. I engaged in several debates in Protestant circles which allowed me to dig deep into the Catholic faith. Thus the majority of my earlier posts are focused on apologetic topics mostly aimed at combating the errors of Protestantism. After a several years of spirited exchanges with close minded anti-Catholic bigots such as James White, James Swan and an anonymous blogger calling himself  'Turretin Fan' I grew bored and tired of the same old nonsensical attacks and crippled arguments against the Church. Although I did receive some positive emails from Protestants who said they were thinking of converting, I decided to turn the blog in a different direction. The time I was spending in the apologetics realm was simply too draining and I began to realize there was another direction that was more important.

Being an avid reader I began to notice bad theological opinions in many of the newer Catholic books. I soon began to understand the errors of modernism. As I became immersed in the Latin Mass I began to learn about St. Thomas Aquinas. This was in large part to a couple of FSSP priests who were well versed in Thomism. I credit them as being the catalysts that drove me to study Saint Thomas. This opened a huge avenue for me to grow in my faith. As I studied Thomistic theology I began to see clearly the many errors that were being taught in the Church, and where these erroneous ideas were coming from. This prompted me to focus the blog on the traditional teachings of the Church and the reliable Catholic sources that I came across. The blog became a springboard for promoting traditional Thomistic material including books, videos and lectures.

Being a lover of the Dominicans the blog has also incorporated an orientation towards Dominican spirituality. Theology is not something that is an intellectual exercise alone, it must be aimed at deepening our love for God. So I like to throw in posts that give some insight into living the Catholic faith, taken again from time tested traditional sources.

Along the way I have posted about some of my experiences including pilgrimages I have taken. I was also fortunate enough to document the establishment and growth of the FSSP church, Christ the King in Sarasota, Florida. On the side bar you can see a chronology of Christ the King in the photographs I took. I feel privileged to have been a part of that. I still miss going to Mass there.

In ten years of writing I have learned a lot. Some of what I have written I regret the manner in which I wrote it, sometimes lacking charity. Despite my shortcomings, I have always had a desire to know and pass on the truth, and I hope that I have been able to do that successfully in most cases. While this blog is not as popular as others, I am grateful for those who stop by to read and comment. At a minimum I hope to continue in promoting solid Thomistic theological and spiritual material to my readers. Am I celebrating ten years of blogging? Not really, but I am grateful to be able to contribute in some way to this era of the Church, and I pray that it is a positive contribution. I hope to be starting a series on the Council of Trent soon, so stay tuned. May God bless and keep you!

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