Friday, November 3, 2017

Cardinal Burke Gives Lecture on Modernism, Apostasy and Fatima

Here is the full text of a recent lecture given by Cardinal Burke on the state of the Church today. Burke quotes Aquinas and encyclicals such as  E Supremi, and  Pascendi Dominici Gregis to explain what we are facing today. I am happy to see a prince of the Church turn to the warnings and solutions of the popes prior to Vatican II. 

Apostasy is distinguished from heresy, the other grave sin against the faith. Father Dominic Prümmer, O.P., in his classic manual of moral theology, defines apostasy as the “total defection from the Christian faith formerly willingly received.” Apostasy is the total defection from the Catholic faith, whereas heresy is the denial of one or another article of the faith. Whereas heresy, depending upon the manner in which it is embraced, can lead to apostasy, that is, to the total abandonment of the faith, apostasy, at its root, is a total drawing away from the life of faith.
One thinks, for example, of how the Church has suffered from the persistent heretical doctrines of Modernism, as treated by Pope Saint Pius X in his first Encyclical Letter, E Supremi, of October 4, 1903.
Pope Saint Pius X courageously identified a poisonous way of thinking which had been plaguing the Church for some centuries and which continues to plague the Church in our time. 
Excerpts from “Fatima 100 Years Later: A Marian Call for the Whole Church”
The Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre
Buckfast, Devon, England
12 October 2017

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