Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Seven Arrows Through the Heart of Modernism: Documents You Need To Read!

Every day now we are seeing high raking officials in the Church claiming that doctrine and dogma need to be changed or updated to conform with modern man. Just yesterday it was announced that "the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome is hosting a series of talks from October until May aimed at considering the “transformations, needs and hopes” of the family 50 years after Humanae Vitae." Further one of the speakers claimed, "there is a need for a change in the moral paradigm, adding that the magisterium is dynamic, not static and set for a certain time, and that the Church’s teaching “evolves.” He did not think that contraception was the major reason for the crisis in the family today."

This idea that man is in a state of change and that there are no absolute "static" or unchanging teachings of the Church has been condemned many times over by several popes in several encyclicals and other documents. Despite the naysayers that the Gospel does not mandate absolute moral teachings for all men, we know that God does not lie. The Ten Commandments have never been nor will ever be The Ten Suggestions. Here is a list of documents that I suggest all Catholics sit down in prayer and read. They all directly address what is going on right now in the Church with the Amoris debacle, the Capital Punishment debacle and the upcoming war on Humanae Vitae. These men of the world are trying to redefine what the development of doctrine consists. By their definition there can be no such thing as change, you can say anything and call it a "development." Just in case you are wondering, a development is where the core teaching is the exact same, you just understand the teaching more fully. A change is exactly that, the core teaching is no longer what it was. This idea that man is in a state of change and the Church must adapt its teaching to the current state of the changing man is based on modern philosophical principles that are not compatible with the Catholic faith. The popes have called this heresy modernism. These documents are in my eyes the seven arrows that fatally pierce through the heart of modernism. There is no time like the present to read these documents. You will be thankful you took the time to do so.

Pope Leo XIII, Aeterni Patris (August 4, 1879)

Pope Pius X, Lamentabili Sane (July 3, 1907)

Pope Pius X, Pascendi Domenici Gregis (September 8, 1907)

Pope Pius X, Oath Against Modernism (September 1, 1910)

Pope Pius X, Doctoris Angelici (June 29, 1914)

Pope Pius XI, Studiorum Ducem (June 29, 1923)

Pope Pius XII, Humanis Generis (August 12, 1950)

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