Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What is the Duty of the State in Regard to Religion?

Here is a great summary of the duty of the state in relation to the Church given by a great priest who shall remain anonymous.

Look.. it's perfectly simple...

1. All men have duty to worship the True God.
2. The State is a collection of men
3. Ergo, the State has the duty to provide for the worship the True God.

1. Not all men recognize the True God and therefore don't worship Him.
2. But worship must be both interior and exterior in order to be an act of true worship, and since no one has the ability to coerce another to make an interior act.
3. Ergo, the State cannot coerce men to worship the True God against their will.


1. The State has the duty to provide for the common Good.
2. False worship of false Gods and especially Satanic worship mitigate against the common Good.
3. Ergo, the State has the right to forbid false worship of false Gods especially Satanic worship.


The State must allow men to worship the True God ergo, the State cannot impinge or make laws regarding the Catholic Church which is the only true Church which gives true worship to the True God.

But, the State cannot force its citizens to engage in worship, ergo, it cannot mandate that all be Catholic or attend Catholic worship services.

However, the State CAN and SHOULD both foster evangelization programs that promote the Catholic Church and forbid the exercise and promulgation of false religions.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy Feast of St Dominic! Again!

Today in the new calendar is the feast of Saint Dominic, in the old calendar it was on the 4th of August. Saint Dominic is my favorite Saint and he has worked many wonders for me! I had new holy cards made up this year. Happy feast day to all!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Catholic Art That Inspires Love and Devotion

The Catholic Church has a rich history in artistic achievement throughout the ages. Beginning in the early Church the faithful began crafting art which was aimed at inspiring one to love God and His Church. Over the past 2000 years up until about the sixty years or so ago, we have a witnessed a rich development and inexhaustible wealth of devotional images in Catholic churches across the world. Although being Italian I have an affection for the Italian art in Italy, my personal favorite devotional art, especially when it comes to statuary, is in the Spanish renaissance and baroque style. The realistic and inspiring statuary found in Quito, Ecuador are among the finest I have seen.

When it comes to art however, it is not just an external appreciation of the beauty of the art itself that we should be concerned. Although art can be emotionally moving, it is primarily the internal devotion it inspires in the viewer that is most important. Many Catholic art historians would argue that the iconography of the early Church until about the time of Giotto was the best and most pure representation of sacred art. Thus many would separate iconography as sacred art, and the art following the time of Giotto to be religious art. Although there is some merit to the argument, we must not forget that any art that brings us closer to God and His Church is worthy of being in the sacred space of a Church. Although the later Western art often invokes more emotion from the viewer than iconography, one can still orient themselves beyond the art to the what the art actually represents. This also goes for statuary, which many purists in the Orthodox Church adamantly oppose. I think that well done statuary can bring one closer to the person it represents, as can be seen in the images below.

I was going through my pictures from Quito, Ecuador that I took a couple of years ago during my pilgrimage. I thought I would post some of my favorites. I wish we would see a revival among Catholics today to bring this type of art into our modern churches and replace the lifeless pathetic imagery that wee prevalent today.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fighting to Stay Catholic: Don't Throw in the Towel!

As the world seems to implode and the Church seems to spin into turmoil, we must ask ourselves an important question. What we can do as practicing Catholics to keep our sanity. As Catholics it is much easier for us to face outside opposition than it is from within our Church. Over the past 60 years we have the let the attitude of the world influence the attitude of the Church. As a result it can often seem at times that our best friends have abandoned us to the wolves. The optimism for the "new evangelization" after Vatican II has been proven to have been a pipe dream. Those who claimed they knew more than the "Old Church" have been proven to be charlatans. The changes in the liturgy along with the acceptance of "New Theology" have not benefited the Church much in the way of holiness or in evangelizing those outside the Church.

So what are we to do when we read day after day the many influential "theologians" and higher clergy who are trying to destroy the Catholic faith by their modernist ideologies? We must not become disheartened as many are beginning to do. We must instead have the zeal to fight and stay Catholic. We must not be influenced by the errors being presented by these men who are trying to slowly strangle the Church's teachings. For example, the Church's teaching on marriage, communion and the importance of eradicating sin from our lives are under fire from the Church's most prominent and vocal "theologians". Instead of encouraging men to repent and give up sinful lifestyles, they instead encourage them to keep living them. The wolves are now guarding the hen house. How awful is this movement to reaffirm sin and deny the reality of divine judgement. However we must not let these men influence us. No, we cannot remain in our sins just because theologians from on high are making it seem to us that it is not so bad to do so. We must not deny reality by recognizing only God's mercy and forgetting about his justice.

It is now of the utmost importance to understand the gravity of fighting to stay a faithful Catholic. We cannot effect change by merely blathering about in a rage condemning those who are orchestrating these heinous machinations to destroy the Church. Nor can we leave the Church for greener pastures. We can do much more by actually fighting to live our faith, to stay Catholic and become saints. God can do more by the prayer of one Saint than by the works of thousands of raging, yet spiritually mediocre Catholics. Our prayers for the Church and the salvation of souls begins and ends with our own fight to become holy, live by the teachings of the Church and increase in love for God. Then when given the opportunity we can help others to do so as well.

Alarmingly I have read recently that there are now many Catholics who are thinking of throwing in the towel and becoming Eastern Orthodox. I can say this by experience, I used to be in the Orthodox Church. To jump ship is sheer madness! It is the act of an emotionally and spiritually unstable person. You are not going to find yourself in lush green pastures filled with fruit and honey. If you want doctrinal confusion on marriage they are the inventors of it! Two or three marriages, no problem. Ask yourself another question. Would you deny Our Blessed Lady in her Immaculate Conception just to avoid suffering in the Church? Isn't it ironic that so many of the Saints were persecuted by those in the Church rather than those outside of it? I think not. This is what makes us holy. The servant cannot be greater than his master, and if Jesus, our master suffered so will we. Remember it was his own that crucified him. Let us not jump ship and look for the easy way out. It is in our own fight to stay Catholic with a zealous fervor that is important for the salvation of souls. Let us use this suffering that we find now in the Church to become more holy, and through this suffering we can all help rebuild the Church.