Friday, June 30, 2017

Book Recommendation: Faith Comes From What Is Heard

I just finished Lawrence Feingold's new book, 'Faith Comes From What Is Heard, An Introduction to Fundamental Theology'. This book clocks in at over 600 pages so be prepared! It gives a good look at how we receive Divine Revelation through the Church, examines the credibility of God speaking to man through the Church and spends a good amount of time on Biblical exegesis. The use of multiple examples and analogies helps you to understand the content on a deeper level. I went through line by line with a colored pencil to underline important content and it took me a few weeks of nightly reading to finish it.

The book follows a simple layout and begins with the topics of Revelation and Faith. next faith and reason are covered followed by Tradition and the Magisterium. The last three parts of the book deal primarily with Sacred Scripture, its inspiration, historicity and typology. Feingold does his best to incorporate several sources ranging from the Church Fathers, other Saints, Popes Pius X, Leo III as well as John Paul II which forms a theological continuity throughout. If you are looking for a bedtime read you probably won't find this work to fit in that mold. However, if you are looking to understand how the Catholic faith has been handed down to us faithfully for 2000 years then this book should be an edifying read.  

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