Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Two New Books! 'The Political Pope', 'By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed'

There are two new books out that are very informative. The first is 'The Political Pope'  by George Neumayr and the second is 'By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed' by Edward Feser and Joseph Bessette. The first book chronicles the papacy of Pope Francis as well as his life in Argentina. If you want to get a gist of who Pope Francis really is and why he says and does the things he does, this book is a must read. The book is not for the faint of heart.

The second book I just received yesterday and I am well into the first of four chapters. Anyone who wants to understand capital punishment and its history in relation to Catholicism will find this book well researched. There are four chapters covering the natural law, scripture, tradition and social scientific material which all prove that the death penalty is not evil, and in fact when carried out justly is an actual good for society. The book is over 400 pages and is sure to be the definitive guide to Catholic teaching on the death penalty for years to come. I think it will surely ruffle the feathers of those peddling the false narrative that the death penalty is evil and needs to be totally abolished.

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