Saturday, October 15, 2016

From Vicious Men Come Forth the Foul Winds of Abomination


The world today seems to teeter on the edge disaster for millions of people. Those who live a virtuous life are few, and many today do not believe in the existence of virtue. Objectivity has been replaced with subjectivity and thus we see the intellect of man being corrupted on a wide scale. When entire cultures deny the existence of good and evil, virtue and vice, it leaves a vacuum of darkness in the heart of man. The absence of good leaves a haven for evil. Hence we see the celebration of every evil under the sun. It is as if man foolishly believes that they have somehow progressed past the idea of right and wrong. Yet for those who still have their wits about them, they see the real picture. They see the devolution of a culture spiraling into a heartless mob of sub-defectives who don’t know north from south, east from west or right from wrong.

In the US we see the effects of this devolution of unbridled vice in various ways. Vicious appetites have unleashed horrific laws upon us that have now begun to destroy any sense virtue. The natural law, which is readily apparent to a healthy mind, has been buried under the rubble of pseudo-intellectualism. Isn’t it a wonder to our eyes that so many today can’t tell the difference between men and women, insisting foolishly that one’s gender is only determined by one’s “identity.” One can now legitimately live their lives fictitiously in their grand delusions thinking themselves to be something other than what they are in essence.  Vicious ideologies not kept in check by a society will eventually self destruct. The vicious majority eventually force the acceptance of their immoral actions on the remaining portion of society. 

We can see this happening in the pseudo-laws we are now forcing on our public. For example, only a heinous, rotten villain would ever pass a law that allows partial birth abortion. Yet, this is what Hillary Clinton wants to pass into law. Only a mentally disturbed person would want to pass laws letting one’s “gender identity” determine which public bathroom they will use. Yet these sick, vicious disturbed politicians and judges are passing laws it seems, day by day now forcing our society into accepting this perverted, disastrous immorality. Why is it that we see these politicians trying to grow the influence and control of government? It is so they legislate their evil into society. They can line their pockets and force their immoral lifestyles on the public at the same time. Al Capone had nothing on these politicians.  This abuse of the legal system is symptomatic of a sick society.  

Our schools are also a target for this immoral governmental legislation. The school curriculum  is being corrupted to force our children into accepting many forms of vice. This is an effective way to embed immorality and vice into a culture. You force it upon the most innocent, impressionable foundation for the future foundation of a society, the youth. This is one of the most important battles we face now. Yet, if many parents are already buying into some of this poisonous mentality, they do not possess the wisdom to offer their children an inoculation against this poison. You can’t pass along virtue you do not possess yourself. As it stands, we are losing this battle on a daily basis. We are now on three generations of immoral degradation in our education system.

As our culture continues to devolve we now see the worst choice of presidential candidates before us in our modern history. The disturbed charlatan Hitlery Clinton makes the corrupt politicians of yesteryear look like choirboys. Vice, scandal, lies, and crony capitalism are her middle names. She was the proud recipient of the Margaret Sanger award who as we know was a racist eugenicist who wanted to exterminate the black population in our country. Yet, Sanger is admittedly one of Clinton’s heroes. This is just one of the many disturbing facts about this deplorable candidate who wants to legislate more evil into the fabric of our society. On the other side of the stage we see Trump. Virtue is certainly not a friend of Donald Trump. This crude and rude man reflects the average materialistic mindset of many in our country. Dollar signs, material success and business opportunities are the apple of his eye. Although he is a better choice when it comes to the furthering of abortion, the destruction of marriage and getting our debt under control, he is far from a pillar of virtue. The poor choice of candidates reflects just how far our culture has devolved. 

At the end of the day however, these are the politicians that our decadent American culture has brought forth. From vicious men have come forth the foul winds of abomination. Men and women today have been blinded by their own arrogance and have chosen to further many evils including unbridled abortion, fornication, divorce, contraception, homosexuality and materialistic greed among themselves. As a result they choose politicians who also laud these deplorable vices. Hence we have had eight years of the worst presidency our country has ever witnessed. We the vice ridden people elected a sub-defective moral degenerate into the White House for two terms! Greed and lust for power has driven up our debt exponentially. Abortion is now not only an accepted choice for birth control, but it has become sacrosanct for the Democratic Party and its supporters. A women’s “right” to kill their children is defended with hysterical rigor unlike any other vice. Likewise the sacrament of marriage is not far down the list of targets for these modernist progressives. Marriage has been weekend by the public acceptance of extra martial affairs, drive through divorce and homosexual “marriage.”  We have brought this upon ourselves as a nation.

In just over the 40 plus years that I have been alive, I never would have thought I would have seen public opinion devolve so quickly concerning these critical moral issues. When I was a child these forms of immorality were looked down upon, and that was a good thing. As we now continue to exalt vice, we continue to devolve into vicious, malicious sub-defectives bringing with it the winds of abomination and desolation. Men are becoming crueler, valuing human life less and less each day. Justice seems to be subject to ridicule as the government of "we the people" violates the rights of its citizens. But this is a device of our own making. Sin has clouded our judgement as a society. Even as Catholics we have not lived up to our calling to holiness. As a result, Catholics are now being attacked for our moral positions and now are even being forced to pay for abortions and contraception in a coerced government takeover of healthcare.

Just as natural virtue is no longer tolerated, God is no longer permitted to exist in lives of the public servants, our politicians. Only a neutered “god” is permitted to exist in the public eye. Most of the politicians who dare even mention the name of god have only created an idea of a god that offends no one and does not place any obligations on society. The one true God is no longer tolerated, otherwise the consciences of these vice ridden men and women would begin to eat away at them. These cowards cannot face the reality of their own sin and vice. As a a result they legislated God out of our schools. They launched a crusade to legalize the mass killing of innocent life in the womb. They have decided to legalize vice and have outlawed goodness. The list is endless as to the many ways vice is destroying our society. 

Although I have painted a dire picture here, do we have a chance of turning things around in our country and the world? Or do we face the inevitable downward spiral of desolation that always follows in the wake of rampant evil? Will our politicians fix the situation we find ourselves in? Unfortunately we are choosing from a degenerate pool of politicians who do not know up from down or right from wrong because we the people have created this degenerate pool by our own sin. Should we vote for the least pro-death candidate? Sure, but don’t think for a minute that even if that candidate should win that they will have any lasting significant impact on healing the true wounds of our culture. Unfortunately I see many Catholics spending more time focusing on natural cures than they are on supernatural cures. The only way we have of truly recovering any sense of virtue in our culture, and thus turning back the stench-ridden winds of abomination is to turn back to God. Our hearts will be restless until this happens. There are no worldly cures for our sickness. We have no virtuous leaders that put God front and center in their lives. We have no political parties that will uphold the moral law. There is simply not enough grace infused in our culture to work with. It is like to trying to make leaven bread with no yeast.

True change can only occur through the grace of Christ’s one and only Catholic Church. For those few who are truly practicing the Catholic faith we must strive to pray and sacrifice more for those who do not now know Christ. It is only through Christ that we find true virtue in the supernatural sense. This virtue is the only antidote for the illness that afflicts our culture. Evangelization is a key element to healing our society and it can effect change on many levels. As we live our lives for Christ we must share Him with others. Our lives must radiate Christ and we must let his grace shine through us so that others may also come to know Him. We must be aware of the many ways as God puts opportunities before us. These opportunities present themselves in our families, our places of work, and in public. As we begin to help build up virtuous men and women in our realm of influence, we can begin to legislate morality back into our culture. All God asks is that we love him and that we are open to doing His will. He will take care of the rest. The early Christians in the Roman Empire faced a similar, and in some ways even a more harsh landscape than we face today. They conquered a vice ridden empire by boldly living and preaching the Gospel of Christ. Let us pray for our country and for one another to be spared from the abomination that we ourselves have created and now angrily beats upon our front doors.  

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even say it's the vicious majority forcing their way onto the rest of society; it's likely a vicious minority, but the majority has remained too silent for too long.
Is it fear? Cowardice? Afraid of the labels they slap upon us: hater! Racist! Homophobe!

Good weak men really aren't so good after all...