Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Saint Catherine of Siena: On the Silence of Those Who Should Speak! T16

As we observe a trying time in the Church concerning many who remain silent as apostates seek to subvert Church doctrine, we can look to Saint Catherine of Siena for advice and hope. Those of us who love Christ and His Church will have to answer if we remain silent when we should speak. Let us pray that those is authority will speak out, and that we in our vocations in life may also speak out when we are called to do so.

Oh how dangerous this love is, whether in those in authority or in those subject to them! Those in authority who love selfishly do not correct the sins of their subject, because those who love themselves for their own sake fall into slavish fear and so do not reprove. For if the loved themselves for God's sake, they would not fear with this slavish fear. They would with courageous heart reprove sin and not be silent or pretend not to see. I don't want you to have this sort of love! I beg you to act in such a way that First Truth's hard word of reproach will not be said of you: "Cursed are you who were silent!" Oime! No more silence! Shout out with a hundred thousand tongues! I am seeing the world going to ruin because people are not speaking out! I am seeing Christ's bride made pallid, her color drained, because her blood is being sucked from behind her back. (From Letter T16)


Group 1 Dep said...

Matthew: Sorry I'm putting a comment in here unrelated to this post, but do you have any idea where I can get a copy of the book you mentioned about a year ago: "The Beautiful Story of Catholic Faith"? Thank you. Kevin

Matthew Bellisario said...

Hi Kevin, sorry bit I have never seen another copy of that book. I found mine in a used bookstore. You can try searching Abe books online from time to time to see if a copy pops up.

Larry said...

mr. B. thanks for pointing out kaspers heresy you may have added Ab cupich's, special appointee of francis, but how many false teachings and praxis emanating from the top do you have to identify before you realize and publish the pope in a heretic non pope and most of the hierarchy with him. The crises is worse than you write about.