Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Building your own kneeler

For those of us who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a kneeler, you can build one for about 35 bucks. Use 2x6s for the sides and the shelves, a piece of 1x6 for the top. Use two scrap pieces of 2x4 on the bottom to rest your kneeler board on, and a piece of 2x10 or something similar for the kneeler board. I had a nice thick piece of poplar laying around. You can build it in about an hour and a half. Then go to the Homegoods store and get a pillow if you are a wimp like me and cant kneel on the hard board for too long. There is also another benefit to this kneeler... You can store more books!


KnotWilbur said...

Matthew, would you by any chance have a set of simple plans for the making of this? I'd love to make one, although woodworking-challenged. ;)

Looks good. Thank you.

Matthew Bellisario said...

No I don't really have plans I just put it together on the spot. I also made the height customized to me so the cuts would be different for you. However it is really easy to do. I just kneeled and measured where I wanted the top to be when I kneeled. I measured the height of the 2x4 and the kneeler board and added that to the 2x6 sides. I used a 10 degree cut on the tops of the sides so the top would be slanted. I used brass screws to put it together. I screwed the 2x4 pieces on the bottom which were 14 inches long. Then I stood the sides up and screwed the 2x6 bottom brace on, then I screwed in the top 1x4. For the shelves I just cut scrap pieces of moulding I had and cut them and screwed them into the sides for the shelves to sit on. Then I screwed in the kneeler piece. One word of advice, drill pilot holes for each screw so you don't crack the wood. All in all it took about an hour and half.