Monday, August 24, 2015

St. Catherine of Siena- Our Grief is Our Happiness T137

One of my favorite Saints is St. Catherine of Siena. Yes, I am partial to Dominicans, but she has a special place in my heart for her straightforward way of putting things. Never one to mince words, Catherine simply told it like it was, and spoke the truth no matter what situation she found herself. As faithful Catholics continue to face rising persecution, especially the persecution from those in our own Church, her words of wisdom should come as a comfort to us. Let us meditate on her words which she wrote as she was watching traitors rebel against the Church. The letter was written in 1375 but it could have been written to us today as we watch the wolves in the Church attack the very Gospel of Christ. Pull out your rosaries and pray.

Now is the time to cry out, to grieve. The time is ours, because Christ's bride is being persecuted by Christians, by false and rotten members. But take courage, because God will not scorn the tears and sweat and sighs poured out in his presence. My soul is jubilantly happy in this grief- because among the thorns I smell the fragrance of the rose about to open. Gentle First Truth says that through this persecution his will is being fulfilled as well as our desires. (St Catherine Letter T137)

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