Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Today's Advanced Civilization

As vice continues to be promoted as virtue this is what the revolutionary ideas of today's barbarous society has given us. The video below shows that we not only abort our young by the thousands everyday, but we also make sure we don't rip something off their little bodies that might prove to be valuable to someone else. Yet another result of those who say there are no moral absolutes. When you throw out objective reality you can justify anything you want for any reason you want. Unbelievably there are sick idiots on the internet who glorify abortion and are justifying this by saying that they are not really selling body parts. One brain dead buffoon has claimed that they are just offering "tissue" for the good of the medical community, and are only charging for the "procurement services". Again, this is what vice does to people. It blinds them. There are also some sick angry individuals claiming that the edited version is not a true representation of what was said. Unfortunately for them, the unedited version of the film can also be found on the same channel and any sane person can nothing substantial changed in the edited version that is posted below. Onward with the revolution! Lets see how far we can take this train before we go off the cliff. Never mind the barricade ahead that says the bridge is out, full steam ahead to our heartless advanced utopia!

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