Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pilgrimage Quito 2015 Day7: Our Lady and La Merced

The last day of of the pilgrimage after having Mass on the altar of the in-corrupt bodies at the Conceptionist Convent,  we found ourselves at La Merced church, which was founded by the Mercedarian Order. For those unfamiliar, they used to ransom themselves for hostages taken by the Moors and others. We found that the Ecuadorian government is trying to take the church property once the last Mercedarian dies or leaves. There are not many vocations, so this may happen in the near future. We should pray that their plans be thwarted. The church was beautiful, and the statue located at the main altar is also miraculous. The statue was apparently found before even the Spaniards arrived in the New World, and is made from a stone that is nowhere to be found in South America. In fact they really don't know what stone it is made from.

After that we took a taxi up to El Panecillo, which means small loaf or piece of bread. It was the place where human sacrifices were made before the Spanish settlers came to Quito. Now a huge aluminum statue of Our Lady of the Apocalypse, or otherwise known as Our lady of Quito, watches majestically over the city. You can climb up into the statue and overlook the city, which provides a a great view for some pictures of the city. This image of Our Lady in the book of Revelation is unique to Quito alone and is the only one depicting Our Lady with wings. There are many places in the city to find hand carved and hand painted statues of her at reasonable prices if you look around and haggle a bit with the shop owners.

 Next  we found ourselves at the Augustinian convent and museum. There were some very nice pieces of artwork and other things to see. Unfortunately there are only a few brothers living in the monastery so we must pray for more vocations. Many of these treasures will eventually either be museums or completely taken over by the state if the faith does not preserve them.


Finally we took a walk over to the Basilica which is about a half mile up from the Conceptionist Monastery. Unfortunately we arrived just as they closed the doors, so we took our time enjoying the Gothic architecture.The inside is apparently still unfinished. The basilica is an imposing sight which can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the old city.

Our Lady has given us immense graces on this trip and I plan to spread the devotion to Our Lady of Good Success as much as possible. I want to get more material translated from Spanish into English and provide more avenues in the US for the spread of her devotion. Our Lady wants her message of hope to spread far and wide, and I will be writing more articles on how Our Lady will eventually intervene to stop the worldwide diabolic disorientation that we are seeing now. The message of Our Lady of Good Success is a message for out time and for those who love Christ and Our Lady we must spread the message so we may soon see the reign of Our Blessed Lady of Good Success. God willing I hope to return for yet another visit to see Our Lady.

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