Monday, June 1, 2015

Pilgrimage Quito 2015 Day6: The Dominicans

Today after Mass at the Conceptionist Convent we went over to the Dominican Church and museum, and then St Catarina Convent. I consider St Dominic to be my spiritual father so this was a great opportunity to see their heritage in the new world. I braved the bell tower and went onto the roof of St Catarina and got some great pictures of Quito. There were also many miraculous images and statues we encountered along the way.

Our Lady of the Dormition (Healer of Cancer)

I took more photos of the Conceptionist Convent and I will be posting on some of the stories surrounding Mother Mariana and the statues and images in the church at a later time. I also was able to get in a little shopping today and I found a great wooden carved statue of Our Lady of the Apocalypse.

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