Monday, June 8, 2015

Our Lady of Good Success: The Message For Our Time!

Most practicing Catholics have heard of the apparitions at Fatima. These are important revelations for our time, and yet they are closely related to those given to Mother Mariana de Jesus about 400 years earlier, which are known by few. Although Fatima came much later than those given in Quito under the title of Our Lady of Good Success, Fatima is actually a type of precursor to the Quito messages.

The Fatima messages are more general in nature in some ways compared to those of Quito. While Fatima came to us via the 3 children in the early 1900s, those of Quito only have become widely known after Fatima. So it seems that the world was given a popular message from Fatima explaining the horrors of sin and disobedience coming upon the world, in preparation for a less known more detailed message from Quito. These two apparitions of Our Lady are very important for our time, and the messages of Our Lady of Good Success are just now becoming more widely known.

As we know, the Church as a whole has neglected to follow the messages of Fatima. We have not as a whole stopped sinning, we as a whole have not been saying the rosary every day, and we as a whole have not done penance in reparation for sin. Likewise we have yet to see the errors of Russia cease to spread across the world. In fact, the errors have become more widespread. We see the general population of the US accepting radical forms of socialism and immorality which would have been unheard of 60 years ago. Russia still has not converted to the Catholic faith and has only become more hostile to the Catholic faith over recent years. So it is clear that we have not heeded Our Lady's messages from Fatima.

Being the compassionate mother she is, it seems that Our Lady wanted to give us another chance. If we look to Quito, we find more answers as to the immoral atrocities we are experiencing now. The prophesies consist not only of a coming chastisement, but there is also immense hope in the coming reign of Our Lady which will follow. There are many prophesies given to us through Our Lady of Good Success. I will only touch on two here. One is a dire vision of the world in which we live, and one is a beautiful vision of the world to come with the reign of Our Lady.

The Warning

"There will be four black clouds that will cover the four corners of the earth, from which will proceed countless demons that will take dominion over the earth" 

This prophetic warning has certainly been confirmed from what we are seeing right now in our time with the majority of the world adopting and promoting the worst atrocities man has ever witnessed. Throughout the world abortion murders countless innocents which cry out to God for vengeance. Governments across the globe view the murder of innocents as a "right." Worse, they force entire civilizations to fund this killing through taxation and the redefining of healthcare. Likewise sexual deviancy is the standard of the day, and there are few who consider marriage to be a lifelong commitment binding before God. There is an all out assault on the image of God in man, and in fact many seek to destroy God's image in man, making man at times almost unrecognizable. Furthermore, we see the diabolical disorientation which many Catholics fall into where religious indifference gives rise to disordered "conservatism" which promotes the false idea that men can work together to build a utopia here on earth by their own efforts.  

Many people claim to believe God exists, but few follow their consciences to see what it is that God asks of us. Our wills our turned inward, not towards God. Materialism is now so entrenched in societies across the world that countries that just 10 or 15 years ago, very Catholic, are now extremely secular. We have only to look at Quito. We can see this secular transformation take place in just the past 10 or 15 years with destruction of modesty in clothing. On my pilgrimage to Quito I had the opportunity to speak to some Catholics who live in Quito and have experienced first hand this degradation. They said that with the dawn of popular television, over the course of just a few years, women no longer dress in modest clothes. Now in Quito they dress just like Americans where immodesty now rules the day.

As human sexuality becomes more perverted society becomes more violent. As Our Lady told the children at Fatima, war is a punishment for sin. So we can deduce that the more disordered the sin is, the more violence follows in its wake. The diabolical entities that are pushing this immorality have a done a good job in turning everything upside down giving the impression that what is good is bad, and what is bad is good. Evil is disguised under the banner of freedom, liberty, and equality. So the four corners of the earth are certainly covered in darkness. We must not however end with this foreboding reality. God has given us an answer. No it is not in drinking, smoking, or having more and more material wealth. These things only temporarily deaden our consciences. They only distract us and take us wild goose chases destined only to lead us into eternal ruination. How many there are who get to the end of life and realize that everything they lived for was an illusion.

The Coming Reign of Our Lady

"When the tribulations of spirit and body press upon us as a wreck in the bottomless sea, a look at my Sacred Image will be as guiding star, ready to listen to their moans and soothe their crying; This devotion will be the lightning rod between Divine Justice and the prevaricating world to prevent discharge of this guilty land the formidable punishment it deserves. "

Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady wants us to have special devotion to the image of Our Lady of Good Success. She wants her message to be spread far and wide for the salvation of souls and the intervention of Our Lady so that the punishment for sin will be mitigated. Our Lady said that she would be a beacon of light to those who would call upon her aid under this title The novena linked to below is taken from the diocese of Quito. I received permission from Fr. Paul Kimball to use the English translation that he has in his book on Our Lady of Good Success, available at I wanted to make this novena available to you so that you may say the novena regularly and begin to spread the message of Our Lady of Good Success to your friends and family. You may also print out any of my pictures here on my webpage that I have taken, and print them out for your own private devotion. Say your rosary in front of her image. Let us make Our Lady happy by spreading her message of hope and the devotion to her title of Our Lady of Good Success. Once her message spreads she will show us a ray of heavenly light which will give us a period of peace among the dark clouds that have closed in above us.

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