Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pilgrimage Quito 2015 Day4: The Prophesies

Each day of our pilgrimage becomes more and more interesting and the graces we have been receiving are undeserved and incredible. Today we had Mass at the Conceptionist Convent and then went to breakfast with some friends who live here in Quito and know the Abbess of the convent well. They also have access to the many writings of Mother Mariana that have not been translated into English. Over breakfast we were told many of the things that Our Blessed Mother told Mother Mariana would come to pass in our times. So along with some pictures that I took along the way I have written some of the prophesies which we heard over breakfast. We also went to the Carmelite Convent and through our friends we were given the opportunity to see the body of one of the Holy Innocents given as a gift from Pope Pius IX, pictured directly below the prophesies. As I learn more on the prophesies I will update this page.

There will be a prelate who will have 2 lives. In the first part of his life he will defend the Church like a paladin. He will die being considered a martyr. He will be resurrected and the second half of his life he will cradle the Church in his arms as a little babe.

There will be four black clouds that will cover the four corners of the earth, from which would proceed countless demons that will take dominion over the earth.

There will be 5 martyrs who will defend the image of Our Lady of Good Success. Those living as homosexuals will desecrate holy images in the church and will martyr the five. The five martyrs will be brought before the altar and the statue will come alive and take each martyr up.

The martyrdom will signal Our Lady’s intervention opening a path of light to God. The finding of the original prophesies and the divine infant buried in the convent will also be a signal of Our Lady’s coming intervention.

When the statue was completed by the Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, the statue opened up and Our Lady entered into it.

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