Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pilgrimage Quito 2015 Day5: The Procession of Our Lady of Good Success

I know that each post sounds like a broken record, but today was even more amazing than the first four. Our Lady has been giving us immense graces. Today we were privileged to have Mass on the altar of the incorrupt bodies of the sisters in the Conceptionist Convent. I was also finally enrolled in the brown scapular in front of the incorrupt sisters. I am glad I was patient! This was just the beginning however of a tremendous day of graces.

Our Lady and our friends here in Quito allowed us to participate in the procession to take Our Lady of Good Success back up into the upper choir where only the sisters normally go. The devotion to Our Lady in the church was incredible before she was taken up, and many came to have their rosaries, clothing and other articles touched to the Blessed Virgin. I had no idea that I would be allowed to go up and touch Our Lady and spend time right next to her. When the procession began after Our Lady was prepared to be carried, I walked behind Our Lady and the procession taking pictures. Then an amazing thing happened, I was called up to the front and asked to carry the crown of Our Lady next to Fr. Bartholomew who was carrying Our Lady's crozier. I was speechless.

No words can explain this event, and I was the absolute most unworthy person to carry Our Lady's crown. Most of the members of our pilgrim group carried something or participated someway in the procession. We then got to spend a good amount of time in the upper choir with the sisters, adoring the statues and other images. We also were able to visit the spot where Our Lady appeared to Mother Mariana. It was also amazing to see the statue of Our Lady in the upper choir from the time of Mother Mariana. This is the miraculous statue that turned her back to the rebellious sisters as they walked through the upper choir. This day is certainly one of the most memorable and spiritually uplifting in my life.

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