Saturday, May 16, 2015

Criticizing the Pope?

There is much controversy today in the Catholic world when it comes to criticizing the pope. For example Michael Voris has attacked several Catholic news organizations who often voice their concern for the actions of Pope Francis. I think this erroneous mentality comes from the JPII generation who often saw liberals attacking John Paul II for upholding the Church's unchangeable doctrine. When they see so called "traditionalists" doing the same they like to put them in the same category, just on the other end of the spectrum, ultra- trad vs liberal. This mentality that one cannot be a good Catholic and publicly criticize the pope is an un-Catholic idea.

For one, many of these neo-Catholics such as Michael Voris who spend an immense amount of time attacking bishops across the globe are hypocritical. Voris goes on video tirades pointing out how bishops are not upholding Catholic teaching, when he knows full well who it is that these bishops were appointed by, and under whom they are subject to, the pope. So when he goes around openly criticizing these bishops, he is really telling the pope indirectly, "You are doing a lousy job of governing your flock!" The pope is openly supporting known heretics and putting them on pedestals to where they are putting forth their heretical theological ideas out there in the Catholic arena. Look no further than Cardinal Kasper or Cardinal Marx. Sorry, any pope before the Vatican II era would never have allowed this.

Now it may be one thing for Voris to keep quiet and not openly criticize the pope, but when he goes about making it his business to attack every Catholic organization out there such as The Remnant and Catholic Family News, he does himself a grave disservice to his credibility. He acts as if he is the only genuine Catholic "news" organization on the planet, and that he is the only legitimate voice "crying in the wilderness". This is not acceptable to me, and for this reason I do not watch to listen to anything Michael Voris has to say. In fact when I get emailed one of his videos I just hit the delete button. In the end he is unwilling to be genuine in his reporting and he fails to give his audience the big picture of the real issues at hand.

What are we to think about criticizing the pope? As in all things, prudence is required. Faithful Catholics do not revel in criticizing the pope. None of us ever want to question what he says or does and we want to praise him and point out the good that he brings to the faithful. However, when the pope says and does things that are potentially damaging to the Church, there comes a time when it does well to point them out. Catholics should not have a negative attitude, and pointing out things that are wrong are only done in order to point to a solution. If you have listened to my recent 3 part podcast called, 'The State of Grace' you will gain a fuller understanding of what I am referring to. We are facing above all else a spiritual war. One that begins and ends with our own souls.


Anil Wang said...

Yes it bugs me too that Michael Voris openly attacks the Remnant, but it's just as bad to call Michael Voris a neo-Catholic for the simple reason that he thinks it is not constructive to criticize the Pope. Michael Voris doesn't think he's the only new source, he just places himself as one of the many children in the line of the Wanderer which has its own history with the Remnant.

CMTV, the Remnant, the Wanderer, Catholic Answers, EWTN, Rorate Caeli, LifeSiteNews, etc have all been maddening at times, but ultimately they all try to uphold the traditional Catholic faith despite their own personal failings. IMO, to abandon boycott one aspect of this spectrum is to risk tunnel vision -- something that we simply cannot afford in these Kasperite times.

The battle lines have not been so clear since Vatican II as they are today. Bishops that appeared orthodox under Pope Benedict XVI, now appear to be neo-Kasperites and bishops that appeared to be sellouts are now appearing to gain some backbone against the Kasperite heresy.

Strongheart said...
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Strongheart said...

Listening to Fr. Clovis pro-life conference video yesterday, I agreed with him that "obedience is owed to the pope, but it is the duty of the pope to give the character of possibility to this obedience. [...] and also that I prefer "our popes to be hated by the world than loved by the world. Because if he’s loved by the world, it indicates that he’s speaking the language of the world." [...] and also finally that we do not judge the pope or the papacy, but the results of his actions" and words." He concluded and I agree that "it is a threat to our faith. And it’s a threat to the Church. And it’s a danger to the salvation of souls" to agree with errors.

James Bellisario said...

The term Neo-Catholic is not a pejorative term. It is a descriptive term to differentiate between the traditional Catholics, liberals, etc. Also I really don't need someone like Michael Voris telling me what is wrong over and over again like a broken record. We need people who are going to promote the things our Blessed Mother asked us to do so we will have a solution. We criticize in order to help the spiritual welfare of others.

Steve Dalton said...

Glad to see you don't buy Voris's Un-Catholic logic on the Pope. He's acting like a cult member who can't think for himself. I quit supporting him a year ago when he started this we can't criticize the Pope junk. I was a cult member for nearly a decade, so it's easy for me to spot the cultic mentality in action. CM.Com, IMO, is a cultic operation, because it's leader demands bling obedience to the Pope.

Steve Dalton said...

Correction: blind obedience.