Sunday, March 15, 2015

How Far Gone Are We? Catholic Missions?

As we go through Lent we see some Catholic parish missions here and there, but there is something lacking. What is a Catholic parish mission supposed to look like? I ran across an old catechism that had parish mission pamphlets and cards in it by the Vincentian and Redemptorist Fathers. I went to the first evening of a mission at a typical Novus Ordo parish a couple of weeks ago, and while it was not a terrible evening of heresy, it surely did not resonate with the same message as these cards do. I scanned them so you can see how far we have fallen off the mark today in our typical Catholic parish. We are not even practicing the same religion as they were in 1924. (Click on each picture to make it larger)

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croixmom said...

This is beautiful! Thank you so much. It reminds me of the Mission we had at Christ the King the first year after it was erected.