Saturday, September 20, 2014

When Catholic Books Were... Catholic Books

One of my favorite places to go on the weekends are the Goodwill stores. Today I found a very nice copy of a Catholic book published in 1903 called 'The Beautiful Story of Catholic Faith' The book is in very nice shape and the one thing that I really like about it is, it has real Catholic teaching in it! What a surprise!

As many of you already know, much of what passes for Catholic literature today is hardly Catholic. This book focuses on the Holy Rosary. It has a history of the Rosary, meditations for adults and children and also goes over the basic truths of the faith. It even has one section in it titled, 'Why Am I Catholic? How to Convince Your Protestant Neighbor.'

There is a section of the book speaking of Protestants in general, which as we know often attack the Catholic Church, strongly opposes their errors. Unfortunately most of today's Catholic apologists have no where near the knowledge or spine to speak plainly as the Catholics of old have done.

"Protestants being thus impious enough to make liars of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Ghost, and of the apostles, need we wonder if they continually slander Catholics, telling and believing worse absurdities about them than the heathens did?... All these grievous transgressions are another source of their reprobation." 
Of course there are many Protestants who do not attack Catholics, but we must still be willing to evangelize them!