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Thoughts On Truth, Life, Right Reason and the Existence of God

Thoughts On Truth, Life, Right Reason and the Existence of God

Every human being who is in his right mind desires to know truth. They have an attraction to knowing and understanding the world around them. This is an innate human characteristic that is part of each and every one of us. What separates us from one another are those who choose to accept the truths they find themselves surrounded by and those who choose to create their own subjective, deluded “realities.”

Reality is recognition of the world and our being in conjunction with it as objectively perceived through the senses. Our intellect separates us from the rest of the animals that coexist with us. What our intellect allows us to do is reflect on our lives and our thoughts so that we can objectively understand our actions and our purpose of existence. Objective reality as understood in the traditional model of Aristotle and further developed by highly virtuous men such as Thomas Aquinas leads man to the most deepest understanding of himself in the context of society, and society’s natural end. This of course directly leads us to a relationship with man’s objective end, God Almighty.

Modern society would have you believe that there are no absolutes, an absurdity that leaves a deluge of moral decay in its wake. The sliding scale of “morality” that is objectively no morality at all, pervades the mind of the average person today and is a most pernicious error that has eroded the fabric of society. It leads to the idea that there are no universal laws of nature, and that there really is no purpose or directed end to anything. For example, marriage today is no longer viewed as a unifying act, which weaves a necessary thread required to produce a healthy society. Instead marriage is now nothing more than a legal contract between two persons for mere legal benefits gained through a secular government. This idea arrives from the absurdity of such philosophical charlatans as Thomas Hobbes who whole-heartedly rejected the idea of universals and teleology in general and replaced them with subjective social contracts.

Thomas Hobbes, madcap philosopher who denied universals. 
 Purpose is something built into everything we experience throughout our lives. Ultimately all of our actions follow a desired purpose or end. We eat so that our bodies may be nourished, and the pleasure of eating is ordered towards that end, that of survival. Yes, we may indeed eat when we are not hungry, but that does prove that eating is a subjective habit. Eating when we are not hungry explains more of a disordered appetite. Hence that we sometimes eat when we are stressed or merely to enjoy the taste of a particular food may not be intrinsically disordered to the point of immorality, it indicates a propensity towards self indulgence, which is objectively less virtuous in character than one disposed to eating only when hungry or to nourish the body. Of course there is nothing wrong with the added benefits of enjoying the flavor of the food or the company of family of friends at a meal. But it cannot be denied that the objective end of eating is so that one can maintain his or her health and life.

Order and nature is readily apparent in our lives and we work within the framework of an assumption that there is order and purpose to the things we do. We go to work so that we can trade our time and talents for a roof over our heads and food on our tables. We learn so that we can be of more value to those around us whether it be friends, family or the general society around us. When those in society begin to tear down order and purpose, their actions ultimately lead to chaos and disorder, which is where we largely find ourselves today.

Society has not improved, as the progressives would have us think. Yes we have technologically improved to the point of having a higher and more comfortable standard of living, but that in and of itself is no indication of a general improvement of society. We can live in a big house with 4 televisions, an iPad and 3 computers, and still be the most corrupt people on the planet. As objective teleological thought has been traded for subjective materialistic thought, society has become divided and torn asunder. Children are no longer valued and abortion on demand has become the law of the land. The child in the womb today has no right to life. This is largely based on a materialistic view of the moderns who equate human beings to all other animals, denying the potentiality of human beings. By denying matter, form and the objective universals of nature, their sliding moral code foolishly brings them to the conclusion that an infant has no more value than any other animal. Hence as Peter Singer and other madcap philosophers have come to justify, parents should be able to kill their children up until the age of 2, at which time they perceive them as then having more “value” than that of an ape or monkey. One has to wonder if Peter Singer would call the police if he saw his next door neighbor out in his backyard butchering his or her infant with a kitchen knife. Perhaps he would bring over the garbage bag to help him dispose of the poor child.

Rational men however see through this charade. The mental gymnastics needed to subvert the objective nature of man are not rational at all. Act and potentiality is done away with and replaced with mere subjective personal rights answerable to no one but themselves. Ironically this leads the subjective skeptic to a world of materialism, which justifies actions based on mere social contracts of what is acceptable in the time and place they find themselves in. For the materialist everything is in a state of flux and evolution. While the slavery trade from Africa was perfectly acceptable many years ago for many people in the US, the US evolved rather than abandoning an objectively immoral enterprise. This same mentality is now used to justify abortion on demand. While abortion was not accepted by our forefathers, evolution of morality has now advanced to the point where we now understand abortion to be a "right." This of course is sheer nonsense. 

Yes it is a person, and that innocent person has a right to life!

As we know in the US most states had outlawed abortion in most forms because it was generally accepted as being against human nature to kill one’s offspring. This should be readily apparent to a thinking man, but as we know, most men are not thinking men. Yes, thinking men are indeed a rare breed. Objectively it is immoral to take an innocent human beings life no matter where it happens to be physically located. Modern liberal maniacs claim that this choice of whether the kid lives or dies is entirely up to the mother, protected by “privacy” laws. For them this is evolution or progress charted on their sliding scale of “morality.” For thinking men it is not a just law that allows women to kill their offspring as a convenience for enjoying sexual pleasure. This also leads us back to another objective immoral act which cannot be covered in detail here which is the sexual act outside of the idea of man and women in marriage. 

As we search throughout our lives to find truth, we will ultimately, if we are committed, come to find Truth itself, which is God Almighty. This is where true logic and right reason ultimately lead us. This fact also brings us to the understanding that a good society is not one where religion is completely divorced from government, for government is nothing other than a slice of the human population which makes up society in general. Since all men should be right thinking and properly ordered towards reason and hence towards God, religion cannot legitimately be separated from the state. Father James Gillis in the 1940s on Catholic radio emphatically told his listeners it was a “psychological blunder” to separate religion from the state. Yet we find ourselves living this “psychological blunder” today. Chaos reigns in society today and these enlightened “unbelievers” find themselves on all sorts of medications to help them cope with their delusional subjective ideological concepts. In short, confusion reigns when objective reality is denied and God is ultimately abandoned for the whims of men. Human nature is ultimately denied when objectivity and universals are denied. It is akin to trying to separate the earth from the atmosphere.

Antidepressant use is skyrocketing in our "progressive" age. 

One way the skeptics try and justify denying these things is that they appeal to injustices of the past and foolishly blame them on religion. The fact that many immoral people lived in an age where Christianity was largely accepted does not prove that Christianity is in itself to be done away with anymore than sleep should be avoided because many people die in bed. However one can objectively prove that more advancement of society came to fruition when true Christianity was once widely accepted and lived out in society. Like sleep nourishes the body and without it we would die, scholastic Christianity inspired universities and advancements in science and law leading to a finer order of society. The Catholic society which prevailed in the middle ages which was for the most part in accord with the natural law has not been improved on in past secular ages, and in fact what progressives view as progress has been a regress back to the stone age of morality. We should not avoid Christianity any more than we should avoid a good nights sleep, and while we would die if it were not for sleep, we will also ultimately die if we avoid living according to right reason and the laws of God.

Many people die in their sleep, therefore I will not sleep!

The reason many people have chosen to deny reality is that it ultimately leaves them with the idea of being accountable to God and their fellow man for their actions. They understand that deep down many of their actions are not righteous or virtuous, so they medicate themselves into a dull, dark closed mind in which they can try and live without the turmoil that torments them day and night. As we live through this age of godless skepticism, those who have the fortitude to continue their search for truth and live by it will find themselves swimming upstream, or as one dear friend of mine says, “We are aliens in a foreign land. We are trying to get into a stadium door with thousands going in the other direction.” For those of us who will not capitulate to the modern errors of madcap men who seek to banish God and objective truth from society, we can turn to only to one place of refuge. We turn to God almighty and the one true Church He has given us, the Catholic Church. This also means we must turn to the time tested philosophical thinking of Aristotelian Thomism, which also leads us to seeing God. It also properly orients us to understanding reality and properly ordering our actions which are ordered towards a proper end. 

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