Monday, March 3, 2014

Father James Gillis on Atheism

I always enjoy reading the articles of Father James M. Gillis. This article is from the Catholic World 1934, and the article addresses the absurdity of atheism. For more information on his life click here.

Once more we fall back on the never-failing common sense of Thomas Aquinas: “Whatever lacks intelligence cannot move to an end unless it be directed by some Being endowed with intelligence.” The perennial philosophy is perennial because it is the philosophy of all normal, sensible persons. And no normal, sensible person believes that the flora and fauna, to say nothing of the humana, of Britain in 1869 came out of a fiery cloud of incalculable eons ago, without a superintending intelligence. Only in atheism does the spring rise higher than the source, the effect exist without the cause, life come from a stone, blood from a turnip, a silk purse from a sow's ear, a Beethoven symphony or a Bach fugue from a kitten's walking across the keys. (Fr. James Gillis)

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