Sunday, December 15, 2013

Concerning the Consecration of Russia

If you can read these two books and watch the video below, and still think that the consecration of Russia was done, as asked by Our Lady of Fatima, then you are disconnected from reality! The first book below by John Salza and Robert Sungenis gives documented proof that the consecration was not done, despite the false claims of Bertone. The second book and video shown below, prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that communism is alive and well. Russia is still spreading its errors across the globe as Our Lady said it would, until the consecration was done. It is very obvious that the global peace and conversion of Russia to Catholicism has not happened since the alleged consecration of 1984. In fact, the errors of communism are spreading faster and more vigorously than ever before. You can purchase The Consecration of Russia, here and you can get the Disinformation book and video here. We need to start praying for the consecration to be done!

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