Sunday, December 22, 2013

Book Recommendation: Topics on Tradition

If you are looking for a good read this Christmas season, Father Chad Ripperger's book, 'Topics on Tradition' is a good choice. In 200 pages he covers Tradition in the Church and some of the problems we face today. In the first part of the book he covers the history of Tradition in the Church and then explains how we understand Tradition according to the Magisterium. The second part of the book will interest those who want to understand the essential differences between the old Mass and the Novus Ordo. He goes into the differences concerning the extrinsic characteristics of the Mass and their merits, such as the holiness of the Church, the holiness of the priest, both within the celebration of the Mass and outside of it, the holiness of the laity, the decora of the church, and finally the ritual itself. These merits are extremely important in how successfully the Church carries out its mission in the world. Below is the table of contents. Enjoy!

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