Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No Crisis? Really?

Following up to my previous post on the fantasy the US bishops are living in, Voris' video again emphasizes the point that the Church in the US has not been in the booming springtime the US bishops are claiming it to be in. The numbers in the video are staggering. If we keep our current Vatican II springtime pace we will have no more teaching nuns within the next couple of years! Watch the video. Yes its that bad!


Steve Dalton said...

I saw the video yesterday, and man, was it ever a stunner! I hope many Catholics who watched it will be roused to prayer and fasting for the American Church. I can see why Michael Voris is becoming the most hated man in the American Catholic Church. BTW, Mark Shea is going to debate Voris in St. Paul, Mn. on this topic next Tuesday at the Argument Of The Month Club that meets at St. Augustine's Church. The club will put the debate on line the day after. Here's a link to the web site www.aotmclub.com

Catholic Mission said...

October 7, 2013

Pope Francis is interpreting magisterial documents with an objective error : he is using a dead man walking and visible theory