Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Promise of Embyronic Stem Cells- A World Class Idiot VS A Scholar

If you want to understand the problems we have in society today we must often compare ill-reason with right reason. In the first link below we see a world class buffoon explaining how he is about to sign an executive order allowing the use of embryonic stem cell research. We hear applause from the roomful of useful idiots who think he is a hero. In the link below that, we have a real scholar who tells us exactly how useful embryonic stem cells are, or are not. One person is a charlatan with a big mouth, the other a seeker of truth and goodness. One has no idea what he is talking about, the other has spent their entire career in this field. Who are you going to listen to? Unfortunately there are few who seek out the truth and find it! I find it alarming that so many people think that embryonic stem cells have advanced medicine, when in fact it is the adult stem cells that are advancing medicine. Isn't it funny that when a moral means is used to treat people we actually have positive results, and the immoral means generate negative results? Trust me, it is no coincidence. Case in point, don't be a useful idiot!

World Class Idiot Signs Executive Order

World Class Scholar Explains Stem Cells

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