Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fr Giertych on Contraception and the Coming Violence

This is a very good interview concerning the Church's teaching on contraception, and the consequences we are seeing a result of its acceptance in today's society.

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bill bannon said...

So many oddities escape the clerical discussion of this topic. Of the past four Popes only Francis came from a five sibling family.....large to us...small to Italians of the early 20th century. Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict each had two other they came from what the past saw as small families. There are many contracepting Catholics who have three children. Popes are simply not bringing this topic to the ex cathedra level and the result is that everyone lower than the Pope who are frustrated with papal casualness on it are increasing the number of bad things that allegedly come from contraception. As we blame everything on it,
our credibility decreases not increases