Sunday, July 14, 2013

Church and Science: Common Historical Lies and Blunders

If you have not read any of James Hannam's books, an English scholar, you may want to check him out. He has written two books concerning science and the Church, 'God's Philosophers' and the 'Genesis of Science'.  I have the first book and it is a great read. The second one is on my growing wish list! There is also an excellent 45 minute lecture on the 'Faith and Life' podcast website. Scroll down for his talk 'Faith and Science.' He goes through some historical blunders and lies that have been passed off as "history" in today's mal-educated society. His main point of course is that the Church has never been against science, and has in fact been its largest promoter.

It is truly amazing what the average person buys into today, especially when it comes to medieval history, science and the Church. Hannam has also written several excellent articles including one on the flat earth myth that many gullible people buy into today, and one on the inquisitions of the Church. What I find so appalling today is the Janus faced anti-Christian bigots who cry out against the supposed great atrocities of the Spanish Inquisition, which by the way can be held accountable for maybe 5000 executions by trial over a period of about 300 years, and then ignore modern irreligious atrocities who murdered millions without the benefit of trial! In fact between the years of 1540 and 1700 almost 50,000 people received trials in Spain, 700 were actually executed. Fast forward to the godless Stalin, who murdered an estimated minimum of 20 million with no benefit of a trial! More accurate data from recent investigations prove it to be more like 35 to 50 million murdered in the name of the State. Yes, Janus is alive and well.

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