Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Aquinas Commentaries on Saint Paul's Letters

The Aquinas Institute has released a nice 5 volume set of Aquinas' commentary on Saint Paul's letters. For the price you cannot beat it. They are nice large hard bound books at a reasonable price. You can get the whole set for $125.00 at Amazon. Don't pass this one up. There is a serious lack of scholarship in today's Biblical studies. This will help remedy this problem.

Commentary on the Letters of Saint Paul


In the latter half of his career Saint Thomas lectured on all the letters of Saint Paul, bequeathing to the Church a treasury of Scriptural theology and a sure guide to the winding itinerary of the Pauline writings.

The Aquinas Institute is therefore particularly pleased to be offering, for the first time ever, a bilingual Latin/English edition of the entire series of Pauline commentaries, in the elegantly formatted, high-quality hardcover volumes that will be a hallmark of Institute publications.
The Aquinas Institute’s edition of the Commentaries on the Letters of Paul will feature:
     • Text of the Pauline Scripture verses in Greek (Nestle-Aland 27), Latin, and English
     • Complete text of Aquinas in Latin and in English, with Marietti numbering
     • English translation based on that of Fr. Larcher, edited and corrected by the Institute’s faculty and staff
     • Hardcover, quality binding in 5 volumes
     • Affordable price—$35 per volume

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Alan Aversa said...

If you want most of the bilingual commentaries in electronic form, click here.