Monday, December 3, 2012

Legacy Icons (A Great Christmas Present!)

If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts this season, I highly recommend an icon from Legacy Icons. I recently purchased two icons, one of Saint Demetrios and one of Saint Theodore in the Legacy edition. The company makes two types of icons, one with a regular board and one with a thick more traditional icon board with trusses in the back. You can get the icons with either a high quality paper print or on a museum quality canvas on wood. For a non-hand painted icon, these are the best I have seen. Go to their website and check them out. 

From their website. 

For over 20 years, our team has painstakingly developed an exclusive system for fine art reproductions using the exquisite acid-free papers, scientific pigments, rich inks, and protective sealants. Using this combination, we are able to produce unprecedented colors with a precise and delicate balance of tones and color saturations.
Combining our museum-quality prints, over three decades of combined experience in the field of fine art restoration, and our Orthodox Christian faith, Legacy Icons offers beautifully-crafted icon reproductions that will retain their integrity for 100 years and more. Our competitive pricing makes heirloom-quality icons available to every family, ready to be passed from generation to generation.
Please note: Our Legacy Icon is a stunning product on canvas and will have the texture of a fine art painting. The boards we have chosen are about twice the thickness (about 1.25 inches thick) of our standard icon so keep this in mind when ordering. If you are looking for a traditional style icon, our standard icon will be the closest match. Legacy Icons are the finest woods and canvas available and will stand out as a show piece in your collection.

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