Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pilgrimage to Quebec 2012- Introduction

Pilgrimage to Quebec 2012- Introduction

    I just returned from a week in Quebec, Canada, where I visited many Catholic churches, convents, and shrines from Montreal up to Quebec City. This was a land literally built upon the Catholic Church, which arrived from France in the 1600s. I met several people along the way and discussed the state of the Catholic faith in Quebec today, and although there are many churches and shrines to tell about concerning this land, there is another story, a tragic one which has taken place just after the second Vatican Council. I will be doing a series of posts on my trip to Quebec, and I will post up pictures from the many places I visited, and the Saints that I came to learn about to whom I can now add to my list of friends in heaven to intercede for me. I will also discuss the state of Catholicism in Quebec in our time. For now I will give you a teaser of just a few of the 1800 photos that I took from the trip. Stay tuned for much more!

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croixmom said...

Awesome pics, Matthew!
Interesting: altar rails.

I look forward to your series!
Thanks for this.
Dee Dee