Monday, June 11, 2012

The Demonic Theology of Protestantism

The Demonic Theology of Protestantism
By Matthew J. Bellisario 2012

    The true Christian faith is a living faith, which rises above any confinements of time or space. It is a living well from which Christ gives Himself to man. Christ, the incarnate Son of God, true God and true man, came into the world to save mankind by His sacrifice on the cross. The fact that Christ took upon Himself a human nature and proclaimed the gospel with His human lips, and then appointing certain men to continue preaching that same Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit, provides true Christianity with more than a historical presentation of Christ. It presents us with His very incarnation each and every day that His Church remains on earth preaching the gospel. In this very bosom of the incarnation we see the true Catholic Church preach the gospel not only in words, but image as well. The Church flows forth Christ in a living stream, giving us flowing waters of grace in the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. True Christian churches are adorned in the incarnation of Christ, and His most Holy family. The walls live and breath the gospel, depicting Christ’s incarnation, and His work in the holy Saints of the Church, who still live and pray from eternity for us today.

    For almost 1500 years the true Church of Christ grew in faith and in her influence on the world. The entire Western world and parts of the Eastern world were converted to Christian morality, and the gospel was mostly in harmony with civil governments. Sure there were always human beings whose sin caused problems in society, but largely the Catholic Church built a firm moral foundation for society, and gradually became more influential through her Catholic universities and schools. The Catholic faith built new hospitals, monasteries took care of the sick and the poor, and science was further developed under the minds of those who embraced the Catholic faith. God worked through the Church to orient society towards its eternal reward in heaven. In the early 1500s, all of that changed with a godless group of men who sought to elevate their own personal ideologies above Christ and His Church. Into history there entered the three henchmen of the synagogue of Satan, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII. Although there were many others, these three men lead the demonic Protestant revolt, which has now almost ended the Christian West as we once knew it. These three mountebanks have probably been responsible for more lost souls in past 500 years than any other.

    Since the Protestant Revolt, society has underwent a slow decay from Christian piety to worldly chaos. What it took true Christianity almost 1500 years to build, Protestantism has now almost torn down in less 500. A feat only possible with the help of Luciferian influence. When Luther, Calvin and Tudor, all the most heinous of iconoclasts, destroyed monasteries, ransacked churches and desecrated Christ and all images of Him and His Saints, the Western world was plunged into a state of chaos that could only be described as demonic. The living faith of the Church was substituted for a fraudulent, dead faith, one not given life by Christ living in man, but one that reeks of the foul stench of death, by which man created Christ in their own image. Christ was for the Protestant, a “god” of his own making. The walls of a barren Protestant building tell the true tale of how Protestantism choked the living God out of their lives. Not one sacred image can be found on their walls, and this explicitly denies Christ’s incarnation, and His holy work of grace in His Saints. Even the earliest Christians depicted Christ ‘The Good Shepherd’ on the walls of the catacombs and in the earliest preserved house churches. Gone also was Christ on the cross, and the crucifixes were demolished in favor of a sanitized flavor of Christianity, one that Satan himself would rejoice over, one that removed all thought of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

    We have witnessed nothing other than almost 500 years of abomination and desolation by those who have held obstinately to the Protestant heresy. Scripture for them is a tool used to manipulate people into their own private fantasies, where their interpretation becomes the fool’s gold, which does not give life to anyone, but brings them to destruction. Their form of worship is again driven by the demonic, where the self proclaimed preacher, better described as a tyrant, parks himself proudly in the center of the building and then makes himself the center of attention. His preaching is the object of the people’s faith, to which Satan gleefully jumps for joy as he hears every error he has ever conjured up since his fall from heaven, leaves the poison lips of the mad and arrogant charlatan. Lucifer savors every word the heretic speaks like a sweet morsel of chocolate, and he even gets more joy in witnessing the foolish men who listen and spread these false errors, which then creep into society much like the Black Death. He leaps for joy for he sees no images to remind him of Christ’s incarnation, nor are there any reminders of the great Saints who gave him such toil and dread in their work for Christ, to which he has lost so many souls to God through. Satan plays the heretic like a shiny golden fiddle, and he kicks up a jig as he watches them follow him like the Pied Piper to hell. Yes, the Protestant building is nothing more than synagogue for Satan, and the demonic. Within their synagogues they desacralize marriage, they openly deny human nature and the dignity of procreation. From these barren walls have flowed forth the barren sexual immorality that now pervades modern society.

    Individuality is another crude characteristic of the demonic ideologies of Protestantism. Every man is for himself, and in his own mind he perceives his own subjective reality. Objective truth is lost in their arrogant private subjective state of mind. Every pernicious modernist philosophy is largely built upon the crooked sinister back of the Protestant heresy. It is this debilitating philosophy which seeks to divide man. This again is the trait of the diabolic. The mark of the evil one lies upon this mindset. The Western world under the influence of Protestantism has become more segregated and more isolated. Man now merely proclaims that he is saved, and yet his actions do not have to follow his claim. Sin is regarded as little more than a nuisance which Christ covers up in the “christian”, instead of Christ’s grace radically changing the Christian in his very essence. Hence we have the rejection of Christ working in man for man’s salvation, which every ancient Christian Church has professed from the time of Christ. We can see plainly that Protestantism is the dead faith of which James speaks of in his epistle. (James 2:14-20)

    The true Christian faith unites man together in the life of truth. (John 17:21) The true faith unites man in the living Christ, and therefore gives us a living theology, not a dead individualistic smorgasbord of ideologies which neither lead or orient man towards God. The Scriptures only truly live within the one true Church, within her Divine Liturgy, from where they were born. God’s Word is not only read, but preached, and lived out within Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. Man receives the living God from the sacred altar where the consecration of the priest in the person of Christ, changes the elements of bread and wine into the very flesh of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This ancient faith is professed by every living, apostolic Church which can be traced back to Jesus Christ and His apostles. Every ancient Church gives us the legacy of the incarnation in the sacred images that live upon the walls of their churches, where the Holy Sacrifice is offered, and the Saints are venerated for the work that God has done in and through them. The Saints still live and breath within their walls, full of life, where every Christian proudly hails Christ as King, and calls to mind the great work he has done in His Saints. For these reasons, these true Churches are a scourge to the Devil and his soot faced  fallen angels, and yes we applaud this with every prayer we offer to God, and in every petition was ask for in His Saints. Satan hates to enter within these walls which remind him of God’s love for man, his future defeat, and his ultimate eternal damnation in hell.

    In these true Churches the devil and his demons see the Blessed Virgin Mary, Holy Theotokos, our Panagia, who gave Christ His human existence, in His human nature. He sees the this very great woman, exalted by God Himself, “It is truly right to bless thee, O Theotokos, ever blessed, and most pure, and the Mother of our God. More honorable than the cherubim and beyond compare more glorious than the seraphim. Without corruption thou gavest birth to God the Word. True Theotokos, we magnify thee.” These are the words of the ancient liturgy, in which the devil hears and sees the true faith being preached, newborns being baptized into Christ, young children receiving Christ in their first communion, and those receiving further the great wisdom of the Holy Ghost in their confirmations. Here Christ truly lives and reigns and His Church is His holy bride, which He guides with His own hand. Where does Satan flee from such holy things? He hurriedly scurries off through the shadows of dark narrow streets and comes in to sit in the pews of the dead buildings where the Protestant heretics preach their heretical venom. This is where he can feel comfortable and cozy, with their bare walls, false proclamations, and dead ideologies which spew from their mouths like venom comes forth from the sharp fangs of the viper. No, it does not take too much effort to see how dead the Protestant faith is. No amount of theological education, fancy debate, or fanatical emotional outbursts can cover up their dead ideology, which has brought nothing to the world other than division, sorrow, and moral decay. What hath Protestantism brought us? It has brought the scourge of Satan upon Western civilization, for it is Satan’s “theology.”


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Many of your readers will think you have 'gone round the bend' by claiming Protestant theology is demonic. As far as I'm concerned, you're on target. Heresy is listed as a work of the flesh in Galatians along with witchcraft and idolatry. The other things Paul lists such as enmities, contentions, wrath and quarrels were also very prominent characteristics of the fake reformers. And they were 'demonic' for Paul says that those who do such things will not obtain the kingdom of God. So I think it's safe to say Marty, Hank, and Johnny are trying to stay cool where they're at now, without any great success!
I predict this post could earn you a visit or some harsh criticism from Mark Shea or Dave Armstrong. They will both be aghast that you dared to call Protestant theology "demonic". After all, the Prots are our brothers in Christ, our separated breathern. They are both extremely Prot-Friendly, Armstrong being the worst. He has even published a book singing the praises of John Wesley! No Catholic apologist in the past would have dared to write or publish such a book for fear of the dissaproval of the bishop and the informed laity. Hey Matt, maybe you could write a book explaining why Protism is demonic so the rest of us can avoid it like the fires of hell!

Jae said...

Though I and the Church agree that indeed protestant theology was influenced greatly by demonic forces however, NOT all their theology. God most certainly by His love and mercy "still" regard them as His children, has not allowed for the total collapse of the Gospel truth in them.

When they separated with the FULLNESS of the Catholic Church they retained in them some Truth and forms of sanctification that are present in them and thus impel toward the Catholic unity.

Eastern Orthodox Churches have valid 7 sacraments and Apostolic Succession, great majority of protestant congregations have doctrines and beliefs of The Holy Truine God, The Deity of Jesus Christ, The Second Person of the Trinity, His Sacrifice and Redemption on the cross etc.

These are Truths that we can't just throw with the baby bath water also try not to fall into the sin of "triumphalism", just saying.

Stacy said...

Jae, those grains of truth that the various sects have preserved are what is so dangerous. Satan is the prince of lies and the best way to lie is to mix in enough truth to make it believable. Beautiful truths become nothing more than the bait for the trap.
Whenever I would ask a friend of mine who was a Jehovah's Witness a question they could not answer about the Watchtower etc. the reply would be something like "Well, they are right about so much. It MUST be true." And this friend may very well never know the True Faith or the Triune God of all creation. Like Mr. Bellisario is saying here, these demonic heresies, ESPECIALLY with whatever truths they have preserved, are responsible for only God knows how many lost souls.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Stacy, you too are right on target. Protestantism is like a tasty cake that has a deadly poison in it's mix, sure it tastes good, but it will kill you too.
Jae, the EO does have valid sacraments and Apostolic succession, but they are not in unity with Peter (The papacy). They are in schisism, and the disunity of the EO churches and their hatred of the Papacy shows their frits are bitter.
The truths that the Protestants have are distorted by the major false doctrine of faith alone. The Bible says faith without works is dead. So, no matter how many truths the Prot's have, their churches are nothing but tombs with living corpses inside them.

Ben said...

"Beautiful truths become nothing more than the bait for the trap."


Still, as error ridden as their theology is in general (and no doubt it is!), Protestants do in fact have some degree of Catholic truth. Let's appeal to such Catholic truths as they do have to build bridges; hopefully we can help them lay aside their prejudices to see more clearly the fullness of truth (and peace), which may found only in the Catholic and apostolic faith.

“their churches are nothing but tombs with living corpses inside them.”

And speaking of "corpses"...

This is kinda bizarre, but check out the “Quotes about” section here.

And speaking of bizarre (though this is off topic)...

Check out these strange and disturbing comments of Savonarola.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Ben, appealling to Catholic truths that the Protestants may have alone doesn't do a bit of good in the long run. We have to convince the Protestants that the whole package we have is the truth. That's how you make converts. When I converted to the Catholic faith from Protestantism, I converted becase I believed the words of it's founder,"I am the Word, the truth, and the light. No man comes to the Father except by me. Christ founded the Catholic Church to teach the way, the truth, and who is the light. The Protestants reject the church. Christ himself said those who listened to the apostles listened to him. Ben, the vast majority of the Protestants aren't listening; those that do listen, the greater number harden their hearts against Christ's church, a small minority leave Protestantism behind and take the true faith.

Andrew M. Greenwell said...

Read the Unintended Reformation by Brad S. Gregory. Its thesis is that Scotist/Occamist philosophical univocalism coupled with the Protestant reformation let to the disenchantment and secularism of modernity, what Prof. Gregory calls the "Kingdom of Whatever."

Jae said...

Steve though I agree with you to most extent however, this is where we disagree and I think the Councils of Trent, VI and VII have the support. Yes Eastern Orthodox churches (EO) were in state of schism with the Catholic Church by their rejection of the Primacy of Peter nonetheless they have valid 7 Sacraments including the Holy Eucharist. Now since you agree with me and the Teachings of Trent, therefore EO's Sacraments can convey or "channel" God's salvific graces to her members. Think of it this way, if God could "channel" His healing graces to the Israelite by using a sculpture of serpent made from bronze metal (Moses) that is a tangible physical entity then what more is a valid August Sacrament of EO where Jesus Christ Himself is Present?

Jae said...

Hello Stacy, yes I totally agree with you though I really think Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons are not to be considered as true Christians because they deny the Deity of Christ and the doctrine of Holy Truine God. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make here was that the majority of protestant congregations who still believed in the Divinity of Christ, His Incarnation, Redemption and the Doctrine of Holy Trinity as declared and promulgated in the first four Councils of the Early Church (Nicea I and II Chalcedon and Constantinople) which they had accepted as true and orthodox thus, to which I and the Church today recognized as truths that can not be thrown away inspite of the errors found in their respective congregations.

Jae said...

Stacey said, "Beautiful truths become nothing more than the bait for the trap."

True, however, if one is seeking for the Fullness of Truth, is it better to have some beautiful truths for a start than non at all? And by having some truth will impel in them to look for the its Fullness?

It's like when you were attracted to many men before getting married but now you are nuptually bonded to the RIGHT one. Logically, you had to date and know many people before finding the right one. It is unreasonable to assume that you would pick the right one on the first date.

Moreso, for me, we don't condemn the whole police force or the whole Church for the rotten part and abusive priests. Think of it as when Abraham haggled and bargained with God for Sodom and Gomorrah.

Ben said...

Steve: The Protestants reject the church.

Ben: What they really reject, Steve, is the Roman Church, and it's divine authority to teach.

But have them read this book for example. Will they then still be able, in good conscience, to continue rejecting (and even attacking) the Apostolic Roman see, while simultaneously claiming to be, uh, good “bible Christians”?

Steve: the vast majority of the Protestants aren't listening; those that do listen, the greater number harden their hearts against Christ's church, a small minority leave Protestantism behind and take the true faith.

Ben: True. But one reason I think for their hardness of heart is that they remain steeped in, and blinded by the appalling torrent of falsehoods and propaganda foisted on them about the Catholic Church since Reformation times. This coupled with their having imbibed deeply the Reformer's blind and - dare I say it? - “demonic” hatred of chastity and well, little wonder conversion is and has been an uphill battle – though not impossible with God's grace!

Btw, Steve, sorry for the delayed response; I got distracted for a bit.

Cruise the Groove. said...

One drop of doctrinal poison makes deadly the whole "soup", and that is what Protestantism has done.

"He that is unjust in small things is unjust in great as well".

Jeff Davis said...

May I put forth the suggestion that Protestantism was a consequence of sin and corruption in the Catholic Church.

Matthew Bellisario said...

There is no excuse to throw off orthodox Christianity regardless of any corruption in the Church. It is funny how people will use any excuse they can find to invent their religion.

Ben said...


“Corruption”, even when it exists, is never, never, never, a valid excuse to rend the UNITY; read what the great and saintly Catholic Father and Doctor of the Church, St. Augustine, says on the subject here and here.

As for corruption, you might read also what St. Peter Damian says regarding the sexual kind (see wikiquote here). Notice Damian hardly recommends, as a solution to this problem, breaking the sacred unity and starting a new sect in consequence of a few bad members (whom history proves will always appear among the new so-called “reformed” sects – see for example).

Matthew: It is funny how people will use any excuse they can find to invent their religion.

Ben: Yep. And speaking of excuses (and on a lighter note), search the word “reptile” here.

Guess it takes all kinds. LOL.

Jeff Davis said...

Mathew and Ben: Please don't misread the statement. "Excuse" and "Consequence" do not mean the same thing.

In the Old Testament there are many examples of sin causing generational curses. In fact, original sin can even fall under this same vein. I am merely pointing out that had there not been such abuses in the church at the time, Protestantism might never have gotten a foothold.

It is of course not correct, or excusable to use such reasons to leave the church, or sacrifice core beliefs for an individual.

It is also not correct for a religious structure to institutionalize corruption, then imprison, mock, demonize, torture and kill the very same individuals that attempt to point it out.

Hence my suggestion, that Protestantism was a CONSEQUENCE of sin in the Church.

When Babylon conquered Israel, it was a consequence of their lack of faith and obedience to God.

A significant fault for Protestantism is going lie on judgement day in the laps of many bishops an clergy of that time. The individuals that left the Church as a result will of course be judged for their individual actions as well.

John Collinson said...

I am a convert, having grown up irreligious. I remember after first reading the gospel, I was tempted by thoughts of wanting to be a great preacher, prophet, miracle-worker, etc. To have a following like Christ. Looking back, I think these prideful temptations were demonic.

I bring this up because I think that this demonic pride is the root of Protestant preaching. The spirit of Protestantism comes in when a man reads the scriptures, feels greatly inspired by what he reads, and is then convinced that God has anointed him as His prophet. The spirit of the false prophet - the one who wants to speak for God - the false messiah - the one who wants to be worshiped as God. Those Protestant preachers you find on the street waving a Bible around - do they think that they are St. John the Baptist, or what? Some of them are less proud and deluded than others, I'm sure. The swiftness and arrogance with which they condemn the Catholic religion will tell you just how demonically influenced they are.

See, anyone reading the Bible for the first time and coming to the conclusion that it is divinely inspired, then ought to fear about misinterpreting God's Word. To come to the conclusion that the scriptures are from God, and then to go in the street with the assumption that God has given you the power to interpret scripture and the right to condemn those who contradict your teaching - this is devilish pride, and I hold that any time such a Protestant preacher stands up with his Bible as though he speaks for God and has the right to teach scripture, he draws down the wrath of God on his head.

What Protestants lack is discernment of spirits. They think that the light in the minds and the glow in their chests when they read scripture, telling them to go out and "proclaim God's Word", MUST be from God. They have no humility and no training in the discernment of spirits.