Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bishop Fellay Speaks: Video

This is an interesting video just released by bishop Fellay. It seems to me that the SSPX deal is almost complete.


Jae said...

Amen, brilliant response of Msgr. Bishop Fellay. It really changed my perspective of the man, a humble, full of conviction inspite of the hardships he went through. Before I thought he was of the same mold as the Protestants-proud, disobedient and only believe in themselves (sola tradicio). We should give him a very warm welcome and together we proceed to put a stop to this madness brought by the ultra liberal agendas that deformed the Holy Body of Christ.

I also greatly symphatized with the late Archbishop Lefebrve by committing a terrible scandal to the Church which he had sworn to obey by illegally ordaining bishops without Papal approval, if only he have patiently waited even in the face of temporary censure like, St Padre Pio and St. Bernadette did.

Anonymous said...

I've seen and heard Bishop Fellay speak before so I already had a great respect for the man, but I'm so glad he did this interview with a media outlet that your average Catholic might see and therefore have some reality to go with their (perhaps) preconceived ideas of the scary SSPX.

I have the utmost trust in Bishop Fellay's and our Holy Father's decision on this most crucial issue. God bless them both.