Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It May Be Time to Celebrate! SSPX in?

It looks like the tides are changing, and the "Vatican II only" crowd is really going to be ticked off over this. It looks like the SSPX has reached an agreement and are now considered to be in full communion with Rome! Now we will have some bishops who are going to speak out and put the pressure on the others to do the right thing! Lets hope this is accurate news!


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Matt, look for the sales of Kleenex and toliet paper to hit an all time high among the liberals! It may even cause drastic shortages in both products for a while!

Adrienne said...

I can't see how this is going to work. Some of the SSPX missions are very dysfunctional. They will now be contained in the diocese where they are located like the FSSP parishes are.

Our local SSPX mission (one of the largest) has had nothing but problems. Many of them left and were "taken in" by the NO parish. That was not a good experience. They finally got their own FSSP parish and it has taken quite a number of years for the FSSP priests to bring the folks into line.

There is no way I can see the SSPX Church here being part of the diocese without huge problems.

I speak from experience and have sat on all three sides of this fence (yes, I know a fence only has two sides, but we'll just have to suspend disbelief - or something, and go along with the lame metaphor.)

However, the thought of a bunch of jeans clad ladies showing up at the SSPX Church for Sunday Mass fills me with a certain amusement.

On the other hand, the NO priest had just a few weeks ago put a notice in the bulletin that attending Mass at the SSPX Church did not fulfill the Sunday obligation. Now he may have to explain that away.

Actually, I may need to pop some corn, put my feet up, and enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Still praying it's actually true. Nothing official yet. But I was all smiles and yoo-hoo-ing when I read it on RorateCaeli. But still waiting and praying!

I love our Papa and Bishop Fellay.

KnotWilbur said...

Like you said, let's hope that this is accurate news. One can hope, and pray.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Adrienne, I have been in countless Novus Ordo parishes that are completely dysfunctional, or worse, openly heretical. So I don't see how that is going to be a real factor here. The SSPX and the FSSP can co-exist, and after awhile it will be no different than going to any other parish vs another. I think the SSPX just recently talked about people not being judgmental towards how people dress, etc, they may not know any better.

There are problems anywhere you go, no place is perfect. So lets just hope and pray that soon we will have a lot more Latin Masses to choose from arounf the world. Also, the SSPX will be probably be more vocal about problems in the Church than the FSSP has been, so they will have their unique role to play in the Church if this comes to fruition.

Jae said...

If this is so, it's good news indeed! So now together we can heal the wounds of the Body of Christ and fix the Church that were mostly done by liberal clergy.

Though I have great love for TLM, I'm a N.O. Rite parishioner that I have also greatly loved which to us Catholics all Liturgical Rites of the Church are all equal and valid.

That said, one must come to realize that we can be sidetracked by either the left and right ditch of the road.

Anonymous said...

Now that the authentic magisterium is error free, you will begin to see the SI SI NO NO publications disappear. Purification of memory is on its way.

Unknown said...

Adrienne, I know NO priests who were "taken in" by the SSPX because of extreme dysfunctionality afflicting an entire diocese.

Secondly, the priest who put up that bulletin is ALMOST certainly wrong as a matter of plain fact, though not certainly--it depends on things he probably doesn't even have full knowledge of. And anyway, I don't see how integrating the SSPX and eliminating such questions should be considered a more "unworkable" situation that the one which currently obtains.

Third, the thought of jeans-clad ladies showing up to an SSPX church for Sunday Mass doesn't strike me as amusing, it strikes me as fantastical. Why in the world would you expect that to happen, ever?

Fourth, in response to your statement that "There is no way I can see the SSPX Church here being part of the diocese without huge problems," I would recommend to you the thought that perhaps experience shows us that there is no way for it to exist alongside the diocese, but not as a part of it, without huge problems. I would also recommend to you the thought that most of the existing problems are a consequence of the current separation, and that unity might be an important step toward solving many of them.

Finally, as others have said, I can name more dysfunctional NO parishes than I can SSPX ones, but I don't think the situation would be much improved if they were to drift into open schism with Rome.

Adrienne said...

Matthew - point taken and appreciated.

Our NO parish is borderline dysfunctional. I guess anywhere you find people you'll find a bit of dysfunction...

Unknown: Vacationing women showing up in jeans, slacks, or Bermuda shorts happened all the time at our local SSPX Church during the summer when people were traveling. They were routinely denied entry by the ushers - and not very nicely.

They only had one pastor who forbid the practice, and he didn't last long (Fr Leo Boyle.)

When my husband was in convert classes, I was asked (nicely) to not darken the doorstep while wearing slacks.

Unknown said...

OK, Adrienne, I've heard those kinds of horror stories a hundred times (it's amazing how many millions of eye-witnesses there are to these kinds of personal exchanges), but the point is the diocese isn't going to start busing in angry leftist women in jeans, are they? Or did I miss something here?

Outside the occasional person who comes wandering in while traveling, the fact is that people tend to shop their parishes fairly carefully, and I see no reason why some extremely minor uptick in "walk-in" traffic by certain kinds of women ought to be held forth as a reasonable barrier to the Society's reunion with Rome. The idea that it could just never work because some SSPX chapels are strict about dress is simply absurd.

Adrienne said...

I never recount other people's stories. I believe that's called hearsay.

I spent over 10 years in a SSPX chapel and even taught at the school.