Monday, March 19, 2012

Thanks For The Endorsement Mr. Swan.. But..

Mr. James Swan,
     The extent your foolishness sadly increases with age. We can see that you are not able to build any kind of coherent argument for your man made religion, so therefore you can only invent fallacies and promote them as truth. This is what I call the 'Emperor's New Clothes' phenomenon. You just tell your lies long enough and then hope that people will begin to believe them. In this case Mr. Swan, you ignore the fact that Catholics put their faith in a different source than you and your buddies do. For you Mr. Swan, it is clear that your faith resides in yourself and the things that you deem to believe in, which are external to Christ's Church. For the Catholic, their faith resides in the living God who speaks through those whom He sent, through His one and only Church. This one and only Church of course includes the Sacred Scriptures, which folks like you Mr. Swan have sought to remove from the bosom of Christ and His Church. I have refuted the many fallacies that you have peddled over the years, and have gotten emails from Protestants who have come into the Catholic Church after having read my blog as well as several other Catholic apologetics websites. Your endorsement of my website Mr. Swan as being some sort of contribution to your cause is clearly unwarranted and I might add, quite childish. Be that as it may, I welcome the 10 or 15 people who may come over here to my blog from your 'Beggars All' blog. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the material I have posted and will continue to post here regarding the one true Christian faith. As always, I welcome comments, and do not delete comments that disagree with mine like you do on your blog Mr. Swan. Just for old times sake I want to take a walk down memory lane and recap some of the times where you Mr. Swan fell on your face while attacking the Catholic Church. Receive this as my gift to you Mr. Swan, and the readers who may stop by from your blog, as kind of a greatest hits if you will, of the great fallacies you have promoted over the years. Enjoy!

1. Teaching Mr. Swan About Baptism. Part I, Part II.
2. James Swan Begging the Question on Sola Scriptura.
3. Teaching Mr. Swan About Saint Maximus
4. The Story of Swan and Van Til
5. Remembering Swan and Bugay Building Their Own Mustang
6. Remembering When Mr Swan Had To Close Down His Luther Thread
7. Explaining to Mr Swan Why His Religion Is Man-made
8. Answering The Swan Addendum

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Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

As a convert to the faith, I'm amazed at the willful ignorance of this poor man. I used to have the same kind of ignorance, but you know what? Once I started to allow the scriptures and the Church Fathers to speak to me without my biases and prejudices getting in the way, I was able to understand what the Church actually taught. I don't know why Der Schwann is so Anti-Catholic, but I suspect that deep down, he knows the Catholic Faith is the true faith, and he has to keep attacking it to still his conscience. John Bugay, the apostate Catholic, acts like Swan. He's always attacking his former faith. Deep down, I suspect he knows he has turned his back on the true faith, and like Swan, he has to drown his conscience in a pool of hate toward the Church. It's so sad.