Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Priest Gives Real Reason Behind His Suspension

For those who are interested in the suspension of the priest who rightfully withheld communion to an openly practicing gay person, here it is. It was reported that this priest was being suspended for something other than this incident. This however appears to be false. Again and again we have to wonder who's side these bishops are on? Read the entire letter from the priest here.

"...As to the latest allegations, I feel obliged to alleviate unnecessary suffering for the faithful at St. John Neumann and others who are following the case.

I wish to state that in conversation with Bishop Barry Knestout on the morning of March 13, he made it very clear that the whole of the case regarding the allegations of “intimidation” are circumscribed to two conversations; one with the funeral director and the other with a parish staff member present at the funeral. These conversations took place on March 7th and 8th, one day before the archdiocese’s latest decision to withdraw faculties (not suspend, since Cardinal Wuerl is not my bishop) on the 9th of March. I am fully aware of both meetings. And indeed contrary to the statement read on Sunday, March 11th during all Masses at St. John Neumann, both instances have everything to do with the Eucharistic incident. There is no hidden other sin or “intimidation” allegations that they are working on, outside of these two meetings."

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