Sunday, March 25, 2012

LA Congress 2012- Sponge Bob and "Youth Day Liturgy"

Hang on to your hats folks. It looks like not much has changed in L.A. under Archbishop Jose Gomez, who took Mahony's place recently. The ridiculous Religious Education Congress is underway again in all of its glory. The first video is the opening ceremony of their Education Congress, complete with liturgical dancers and incense bowls being carried around a square altar as if it is some pagan festival. If you want to save some time, fast forward to about minute 9 of the video. It gets worse as it progresses. I watched to about minute 20 and had enough.

It only gets worse. The second video is the Youth Day Liturgy. Pagan drumming from the Orient begins the Mass along with some pagan chant. Sponge Bob Square Pants makes his appearance in the back. That's right look for him around the 2 minute mark. This almost looks like the Thanksgiving parade on TV. The rock band kicks in shortly after the drum session ends. Then the great conservative Archbishop Gomez appears introducing this as the Holy Mass. How many liturgical laws can you break at one time? Cardinal Mahoney is then introduced and the madness goes on.

Things of interest..

Go to the one hour mark and watch them set up the altar.
1:09 minutes we see the wicker baskets, etc.
1:12 The Consecration.


Adrienne said...


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Matt, I only watched the first thirty seconds of each video; the stupid drumning, which has no place in liturgical music, was enough to turn me off!
Gomez a conservative?! Finding a conservative out there is like finding a virgin in a whorehouse!

Andrew W said...


This is like the premier event for catechists and religious ed in the US, and each year it is a parade of heretics and endless blasphemy.

Anybody who participates in this thing is suspect. Even if they aren't speaking heresy themselves, it is effectively endorsing all of the other speakers and the liturgical sacrilege that is taking place.

And to think that after all those years spent waiting for Mahony to retire so a "conservative" bishop (whatever that means in Novus Ordo world) could start cleaning up out there, and his replacement ends up continuing on this "tradition."

When will it end?

Diane Ruth said...

Came across your website today and saw the videos. Very sad. Just when you think things are getting better. Can't believe people from so many countries and every state. What a mess.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Thanks for stopping by Diane. This event is truly disturbing being that the majority of "orthodox" Catholics seem to think it is a great event. Check this out..Look who endorsed it last year. ...

Jae said...

I totally agree with you people. So sad to see and in total contradiction of my experience with the Liturgy of Opus Dei (which Bp Gomez is a member) I went to very reverent and solemn unlike this one.

Although I honestly think that Archbishop Gomez have good intentions, the problem was mixing the two together (Mass and lay festival honoring God in their own cultural ways) which shouldn't be. There must be a clear distintinction and separation between the two celebrations.

I will continue to pray for our Bishop

Jae said...

We must not be hasty in our judgment or have the tendency to insinuate that The Council of Vatican II (Novus Ordo) is responsible for this. The fatal mistake of Sedevacatists, Conclavists and SSPX (which still a catholic entity as of now) is MIXING acts of personal sin of liberal clergy and the Teachings of the Council, which is in no way related.

Andrew W said...


This is not true. The SSPX does not conflate personal sin and the council as you describe. Yes, some do decry examples of public blasphemy and sacrilege by prominent churchmen that go unadmonished, but that has nothing to do with their position on the the Second Vatican Council.

Archbishop Lefebvre, a council father, made numerous warnings and interventions both during preparation and the council sessions. He warned time and time again that the language being adopted, the statements being struck from the original schema, and the content of replacement schema when wholesale discarding of the original was pushed for would all lead to exactly what we saw afterwards - a complete breakdown of belief and practice in the Church and mass confusion. Also, very important, he was not alone in these objections and warnings as is often put forward today. Worse yet, he warned that this was not being done out of ignorance, but was the fruition of much effort and labor by those who adopted heresies condemned by popes during the prior two centuries (e.g. read Mirari Vos).

I urge you to research the history of the council - the preparations, debates, and interventions by the "International Fathers" during its sessions. This includes the positions of the Society's founder.

Scott said...

I see nobody is kneeling...I guess they're all concelebrating. I'm sure Fr. Ruff would be happy.