Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FFRF.ORG The Subversive Ideology of Atheism

On March 9th 'The Freedom From Religion Foundation' put an ad in the New York Times calling for Catholics to leave the Church. The add was nothing more than a propaganda piece based on the fantasies of an atheist ideology, which seeks to promote its agenda by giving you only part of the truth, rather than all of it. The latest ad can be found here. On their website, they also put up an article which accuses the Catholic bishops of being opposed to "women's reproductive rights" and "women's healthcare." I wanted to take a look at this article and respond to it. I will quote their "action alert" in indented paragraphs and then respond to it below each quote. 

Catholic bishops go after women’s right to contraception

(Action Alert by FFRF.ORG)

During church services on the last Sunday in January, Catholic hierarchy read what CBS News called a "blistering letter," assailing the Obama administration for an "assault on religious liberty." (Read a version of the bishops' letter proclaimed in every Catholic Church, urging Catholic congregants to contact Congress members.)

The U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops has been gunning for President Obama, since the welcome decree on Jan. 20 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared that most health insurance plans must cover contraception with no co-pay. Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius formally announced: "Women will not have to forego these services because of expensive co-pays or deductibles, or because an insurance plan doesn’t include contraceptive services."
In my opinion, the bishop's letter was far from blistering, and could have been more explicit. The fact however remains, that a women, or any person for that matter, do not have an inherent right to any drug that they please, let alone having it provided to them by a government mandate. The US government under the Constitution does not have the authority to force private insurance companies to provide this mandated coverage. It is clear, that aside from the moral evils being supported here, abortion and contraception, we have a federal government which has usurped its authority to promote such atrocities.

The Administration specifically exempted churches themselves, along with any other employer who is explicitly focused on offering a religious message and primarily employs those who believe in that message. HHS additionally is giving religious groups more time to comply with the rule, to generally take effect on Aug. 1.

Catholic and other religious hospitals, schools and universities are substantial beneficiaries of all kinds of public funding, including but not limited to Pell grants. This new rule will ensure that a student going to a student health center at a Catholic-affiliated college will not find herself out in the cold when needing a birth control prescription, as currently happens at places like Fordham University. Rape victims in communities served only by Catholic hospitals (receiving huge federal infusions) are being denied the morning after pill. Working class women struggling to pay bills who must contribute to workplace health care premiums are being double-billed, forced to shell out as much as $100 a month for birth control pills that should already be covered.
As we know, there is really no exemption for religious groups, since the ball has been only kicked back to the insurance end, which Catholic organizations will have to pay for. So we see clearly that FFRF is not honest in presenting the whole truth on their website. The old atheist motto is at work here, any means justifies the end they are seeking, including lying or deceiving. The next line of course seeks to appeal to the emotions. It is all about rape and the morning after pill now. Not downplaying the heinous crime of rape, we must however realize that only about 200 women in the US each year see a pregnancy from a rape. But since this is such a heinous crime, it is a great way to grab the attention of the public and pull on their heartstrings. I proclaim that it is a sick tactic for a group like FFRF to try and exploit such a heinous crime against women to promote their own twisted godless agenda. Now back to the "pill." Why should anyone be forced to pay for someone's "pill?" Working class women if they seek to poison their bodies by using the "pill" should have to pay for it on their own dime, not mine. Why am I obliged to subsidize it? If the market demands that it costs 100 bucks a pill to poison your body to keep it from doing what is natural to it, than that is on your own dime, not mine! Secondly, this is not "healthcare." There is no disease being treated here.

Without such protection, women in one of the wealthiest countries in the world are reduced to reproductive rights paupers. Women are either denied benefits or are penalized for choosing birth control.

The Catholic Church is wrong. Requiring birth control coverage as part of health care is not a blow to Catholic religious liberty. No one is forced to use birth control, much less the church's professional celibates. Employees are ensured that dogma does not interfere with their private conscience and personal health needs and choices. The Catholic Church, the largest single denomination in the United States, claims, in a clear threat: "The federal government . . . has just dealt a heavy blow to almost a quarter of those people— the Catholic population." Yet studies show that 98 percent of Roman Catholic women have used birth control! It is hypocritical for the church to claim that this is a "heavy blow" to "the millions more who are served by the Catholic faithful." Those "millions more" who are not Catholics are being denied health care on the grounds of religion, in a manner which disproportionately denies reproductive freedom and health care to women. Denial of contraceptive coverage is sex discrimination.
Protection? Penalized? What a load of trash being pedaled here. First of all, wealth has nothing to do with this issue. There is nothing here that relates to healthcare. Avoiding pregnancy is not an issue that I am responsible for, nor the government's.  There is a free way to achieve this goal. Don't have sex! What a new concept. Secondly, no the Catholic Church is not wrong. And yes, making the Church, and Catholics in the private sector fund contraception and abortion, is clearly against religious liberty as it is defined in the Constitution. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." The free exercise of Catholics to practice their religion, which involves not paying for or providing what the Catholic religion teaches to be immoral, abortion, contraception, etc, is clearly being violated. Then, to side skirt the issue, they pull a statistic out of their butts and claim that 98% of Catholics are using birth control. How does this fit into the argument? What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Even it is true, so what? Moving on, the FFRF author uses the term healthcare again, which the author claims is being denied. Again, this is a lie, and it is a dishonest use of the term, "healthcare." Finally to put the icing on the cake, as if this litany of asininity was not enough, the old discrimination card gets laid on the table. How is the funding of contraceptives being forced upon everyone an issue of discrimination? If the government does not mandate that all men receive insurance funding for Viagra, does that mean that all men now are being discriminated against? The fact is, the US government has no authority to force any of this nonsense on the private sector, period.

We have only to look at the vindictive response of the Roman Catholic reaction in Rhode Island toward appealing high school student and state/church plaintiff Jessica Alhquist, to be reminded that if the Roman Catholic church is permitted to dictate theology into our secular laws, the candles lit during the Enlightenment would be blown out. The Roman Catholic hierarchy, which is committed to denying all women worldwide contraception and abortion whether or not the women are Catholic adherents, has not successfully dictated its anti-contraception policies to its own female members. It must not be allowed to deny birth control to other women.

There is nothing vindictive here besides the dishonest organization, FFRF, who published this article, and the vindictive people who seek force this mandate down our throats. It would not be hard to prove that the "candles" were blown out during the "Enlightenment" and the extremes being taken against religion are being raised to a new level here in the US. The Catholic Church opposes acts which are against humanity, this group and the 'Big Zero' administration are waging a war against humanity. Anyone who couches contraception and abortion under the noble term of "healthcare" are liars. How is killing a baby now covered under the term "healthcare?" How does anyone have a right to take an innocent life which is not theirs to take? You see, they would rather identify human life in the womb as a "disease" rather than an innocent human being. Just like they re-define terms like "healthcare" they also re-define what human life is. They re-define it as being a scourge of disease rather than innocent human life. Our Mother of Sorrows surely weeps for all of the millions of innocent human beings killed under the noble term of "healthcare."

Unfortunately, in an election year, this correct decision by the Obama administration may be used to pillory him, not just by Catholics but by many anti-women evangelicals who are increasingly joining that church and working against contraception. The public backlash against the Susan G. Komen for the Cure cut-off of funding to Planned Parenthood should give public officials some reassurance. But that kind of public opinion needs to be harnessed now in support of the HHS rules.

Please take a moment to send quick thanks to the Obama Administration for not caving into Catholic bishops, for choosing women's health needs over dogma. Now is the time to influence public opinion via letters to the editor and posting pro-birth control comments at online news sources.

We should be glad that this moron tried to pull this off in an election year, and we should exploit this mandate for what it is, an over-reach of Federal power, seeking to push an atheist agenda down our throats. It should be plain to see that Planned Parenthood as well as these radical atheists are the ones who are anti-women. They could care less that women poison their bodies every day with the "pill", which deforms their bodies into rebelling against the nature of new life. They could care less that women have to live with the after effects of killing their babies, after being coerced into an abortion by Planned Parenthood. This administration and the atheist groups that are promoting this rubbish hate mankind, and are using terms under false pretenses to appear to be for a noble cause. It is rather a war against humanity, seeking to destroy the foundation of human society, the family. They hate the fact that women have the unique gift of bringing new life into the world, and would rather see them poison their bodies or kill their young instead of sharing their unique gift. These radical atheists accuse Catholics of being radical, what about them? How more radical can you get than to rebel against the natural gifts of the human body, or human life itself for that matter?

Make no mistake, this is not really about "healthcare," "women's tights", or even "religious liberty." Yes, it involves government control. But it is not for the sake of government control alone, it is for the advancement of an ideology which opposes religion, more specifically, Catholicism, on every level. The violation of religious liberty under the Constitution is only the vehicle being used to get what these godless people, want, the extermination of God, and everything that reminds them of their immorality. Without winning over the hearts and minds of people to the goodness which Christ, the creator of mankind seeks to give us, the religious liberty issue remains only a surface level issue. We should be looking to see why these people are attempting to do away with religious liberty in the first place. That is the issue the bishops need to address, and have not really done so as of yet. The violation of religious liberty is only a symptom of a lethal disease which has now spread like cancer among the American culture. Please fight the 'Big Zero' administration, and these radical atheists with every available avenue that is available to you. We are closer that you think to an all out persecution against the Catholic Church. These radical atheists would love nothing more than to see another "French Revolution" in this country, with all of our heads on a scaffold.


TomO said...

The Catholic Church/Vatican Bank is the most successful on-going criminal enterprise in the world. The USA should follow Ireland's lead and disolve our dipolmatic relations.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Is that the best you have Tom? Nothing more than an ad-hominem attack? Is that supposed to be like your atheist role model Hitchens who couldn't debate his way out of a classroom of retarded school children? Now that is an ad-hominem. You created a blogger profile just to post this? What a joke.

Superatheist666 said...

I wonder how many rapes were committed by Catholic clergy over the centuries? It is only recently that these shameful crimes of the church were brought to light. Go to You-Tube and search for Vatican Crimes.

Matthew Bellisario said...

I wonder how many rapes, murders and genocidal acts have been committed by atheists over the centuries? It is shameful that these crimes are not brought to light by the mass media, but are well known and documented by historians. Two can play this game.

Vincezen said...

Atheists are at least as moral as religious people, IMHO. I was abused by two Catholic priests. The current pope knew all about this in his prior position and did nothing.