Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Will Pope Benedict XVI Do With The SSPX?

It looks like all the discussions with the SSPX has come to an end. Pope Benedict XVI is apparently looking over the latest response by the SSPX to the doctrinal preamble that was given to them to either accept or reject. I had long suspected that whatever was in that doctrinal preamble was going to be ambiguous, so I was not surprised to see the SSPX ask for further clarification on the document. The CDF apparently responded to the SSPX's clarification retort negatively. That is really no surprise since the head of the CDF, Cardinal Leveda, is in my opinion no true friend to the Latin Mass or most anything on the traditional side of Catholicism. If you remember, when approached to allow the indult for Latin Mass years ago when he was archbishop of San Francisco, he disallowed it. He is also known for his interfaith "worship services" which he had at his own Cathedral. No need to go any further there. That being said,  it appears that now everything regarding the future of the SSPX is in the hands of the Holy Father. It is reported that he will reach a conclusion by summer. What will he decide?


Nick said...

It is pretty clear this is was going to be in the Holy Father's hands, and he is going to give them a favorable ruling.

(1) He released the Motu Proprio, slightly mentioning the SSPX.

(2) He lifted the excommunications.

(3) He insisted on doctrinal talks.

The Preamble was somewhat of a scheme. It was intentionally lousy so the SSPX could write their own and see what they were thinking. Then it was 'sent back' to ultimately end up in the Pope's hands.

The Pope would not have gone through all this simply to reject the SSPX.

KnotWilbur said...

I suspect Nick may be close to the truth of it. The Holy Father is a friend of Tradition as well tradition. He is, as Father Z likes to name him, the Pope of Christian Unity, more mindful of Our Lord's command that we be one. I think that the Holy Father plays this close to the alb, but that he would much rather see the SSPX be fully part of the fold, for the benefit of all.

His Holiness' cautious handling shows his care. Rather than prognosticate too much, I think that we should pray, for the Holy Father, for the Church, and for unity with Tradition, which will may the Church on earth stronger.

Anonymous said...

I maintain that Rome has always treated the SSPX as seperated brethren. I predict that they will be offered something similar to Anglicans who want full communion. Since the Society has a certain missionary zeal, Benedict will offer key heads elevated positions closer to the curia, thus seperating them from more direct contact with the society as a whole. These heads will be asked to help restore fallen Europe and inject long standing tradition. Most of the followers of the SSPX will see this as advancement and positive representation in the ranks of the Papacy. This plan will be an attempt to absorb them while not having to answer the charge of Modernism. Now concerning the vacancies, a "joint effort" between representatives will find replacements, encouraging heavy participation of the laity. And I mean heavy.

I think this conflict touches the heart of "what is tradition" and unmasks the farce that is Romanism.


Jae said...

Though personally would hope and pray for Unity and thus heal the Body of Christ however, the thing called "Private judgment" is in the way of unification and full reconciliation.

The greatest common denominator of SSPX and protestants is "Private judgment". The latter apply it to Scripture, the former to Tradition. In both cases the interpretation of an individual or of a group is preferred to the interpretation of the Magisterium, because one is so sure of being right that the Magisterium just has to be wrong. The Magisterium is not above Scripture, nor is it above Tradition, but its authority to interpret both is superior and divinely guided and protected to that of any individual or group, no matter how erudite and devout they may be.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Well it will certainly be interesting to see what happens. As far as the SSPX being in error, there has never been any doctrine upon which they have been formally accused of being heretical. In fact, the separation happened only upon the act of the ordinations. The subject of religious liberty, ecumenism, etc is still being debated, and was the reason they had these recent meetings. So far, the SSPX cannot be said to have been in any formal doctrinal heresy. In fact, Archbishop Lefebvre was never accused of heresy.

Carl said...

The biggest obstacle to reunification is the SSPX itself. The Vatican has done nothing but give in to demands. It is time for the SSPX to submit to the Holy See and the Second Vatican Council. It is not that hard.

Nick said...

Big news has come up yesterday about an April 15 deadline, but the only condition is that the SSPX response needs to be more "positive" in tone. That sounds like a win-win.

And Mnsrg Bux came out with a very kind and welcoming letter.

Matthew Bellisario said...

Hopefully there is still hope. Carl, what do you think they have to submit to concerning the Second Vatican Council? There is nothing that a Catholic must believe that was taught in the Council documents that was not taught before it. In other words, if you read and understand the history of this whole thing, you would know that Lefebvre nor SSPX has never been accused of denying any doctrine of dogma of the Catholic faith. The excommunications have been lifted, so now there is really nothing baring them from unity aside from a formal proclamation from the Pope. I find it moronic that people are comparing them to the schismatic Orthodox. They do not deny and doctrine or dogma taught by the Church, so they cannot be accused of formal schism from a doctrinal point of view. Lets hope that this gets resolved, because the Church needs them to have a more active voice in the Church.