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Satan’s Siege: Now Playing In a Theater Near You

Satan’s Siege: Now Playing In a Theater Near You
Matthew J. Bellisario 2012

There could certainly be a major motion picture made on the Catholic Church in today’s world. The spectacle would contain all of the great intrigue that makes up a grand silver screen epic. We have the cloak and dagger scenes that go on behind closed doors where the villains wring their hands as they plot the overthrow of the King. There are heroes who withstand the beady eyed villains to their faces, while at the same time the menacing forces outside the walls begin to lay siege to the mighty fortress. We have all of the characters that make up an epic film, like the tragic figures of Hamlet from Shakespeare, the traitors like Grima Wormtongue from 'Lord of the Rings', the outright evil men who wield too much power such as Commodus from 'Gladiator', and we have the great heroes who oppose them such as Maximus and Aragorn. This would be an epic of grand proportions, a movie script to end all scripts. In reality, we don’t have to make a Hollywood movie, because this epic is one of reality. We are all truly living within this most extreme of all reality television, and what makes this motion picture so unique, is that it is not written or directed by the Hollywood celebrities. It is written and directed by the Divine Master Himself, God Almighty!

As we enter the story, it surely seems that the villains now vastly outnumber our band of heroes. I guess this always makes for a more thrilling and triumphant story, no? The more the odds are stacked against the heroes, the greater the victory will certainly be. We already have the movie script written for us. Yet, the movie reel has been rolling for quite some time now, and we all love to watch the previous episodes over, just like we love watching a good movie or favorite television episode over again. Yes, we love to harken back to the great episodes of the lives of the Saints, and how Christ, the Church and His heroes have triumphed over many evil villains throughout history. We see the heretics throughout the ages take their beatings by the great men and women of the Church. The great Saints suffer and yet mystically triumph over the evil that assails them. There are so many great Saints episodes that there are too many to name here. What makes our place in history so interesting is that we now find ourselves placed in a unique place in this movie epic, where the odds seem to be stacked against us as never before. We all have our part in the movie, but most of us seem to be only extras on the movie set, acting out our parts as those in the background walking down the street, those killed in the crossfire of the battle, or those running for their lives. There are a good many in fact that have no idea that there is a great story being played out before our eyes.

The camera zooms in from afar over the fields and forests to a giant fortress. The Church in our age is like this giant fortress standing tall on the hill, surrounded by legions of men outside her walls. Many go about their lives indifferently and pay little attention to her,  since there is little that comes out of her walls these days that truly influences their lives. There are others however who know her potential to influence their lives and their culture, and therefore actively seek to oppose her in any way possible. Her walls appear battered from the outside by years of siege, and now there are known spies within her walls who aid those enemies on the outside. But, before we get to those men and women who oppose the Church, we must introduce the longstanding grand villain who has been orchestrating this overthrow for ages. We see him in his foul burning fire pit crafting his most diabolical plan as he forms his invisible ranks of demons to help carry out his work. Yes, it is Satan that is our arch-enemy in this epic masterpiece. He is the most sinister, crafty and cold villain that anyone could ever write into a script. This sinister monster is pulling the strings of evil men, much like Sauron is portrayed in Lord of the Rings. Although Satan has spent the last 2000 years opposing Christ and His Church, he has recently made drastic moves to finally topple the fortress once and for all. It was not an overnight plan however. Over the past 500 years he has been amassing a huge and diverse army that now poses the most serious threat the Church has ever faced. It has been a patient, deliberate and well thought out plan, which has many components to it, which only a few I can cover here.

First the assault had to begin by division. If you cut your opposing army in half, you can increase your chances of success and shorten the time it takes to overtake your enemy. Divide and conquer was the first part of the plan, and up until he duped the first rebels into dividing Christendom, he was unable to mount a serious frontal assault on the Church. Society up until the time of the great Protestant revolt was far from perfect, but it certainly had been built upon the moral compass of the Church. Satan knew he needed tools to help him in this quest, so he searched for the most prideful, arrogant, and unstable men he could find in the Church. We now enter the tragic pawns of Satan, Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry VIII who on account of their pride and arrogance, divided the ranks of the Church. We refer to this band of rebels as the “Pretended Reformers.” For their was no real reform made by any of these henchmen of Satan. This rebellion initiated a split which effectively reduced the army of God’s Church by drastic numbers. On top of that, their heresy effectively sent Europe into moral decay. The influence of Christ and his Church was now much less effective in society. Sexual sin began to an accepted way of life after the great rebellion. Under Luther, Calvin, Henry, and their hordes of hellions, no more would one’s actions be of the same consequence, after all, we are all sinners, what else can be expected of us? The Protestant rebels created a new counterfeit version of Christianity where morals were now of little consequence. As a result, the Protestants over the course of 500 years have effectively ate away at the moral conscience of a large part of what used to be known as Christendom.

After Satan duped these mountebanks into dividing the ranks of Christendom, and thereby also watering down Christianity, he then assembled a large military division, which we will call ‘the Godless Scourge.’ The French Revolution would attack the Church with reckless abandon. Churches were ransacked, clergy murdered, the faith outlawed, and the Catholic Church was almost toppled by these evil forces. The effects of this campaign spread across the western world like wildfire. These godless men brought with them their own secular philosophies, and militant atheists began to recruit members to fill in the ranks of their regiments by brainwashing them, or appealing to their already weak immoral tendencies, which had been previously introduced by the Pretended Reformers. Universities then fell into the hands of the godless atheists. This was and continues to be an important weapon for them. History could now be rewritten to fool the rest of society into hating the Church. They could also remove God from the school curriculum. Political offices were also over run by these godless men, so that every thought of God could be exterminated from society. As a result of all of these factors, the moral decay of society was drastically compounded, and now the ranks of Satan’s soldiers are so large that one cannot count them all. Think back to that breathtaking scene in the Lord of the Rings where that huge menacing, thundering army of Sauron marches across the mountains and through the valleys towards Helms Deep. There are evil hordes as far as they can see!

Satan however knew that the fortress could not be toppled by an outside army alone, no matter how large it may be. The walls of the Church are just too thick to be razed from without even with all of the years of battering she has taken. So the next move was to enlist a group of men who could infiltrate and corrupt the Church from the inside. He enlisted the Freemasons as one of the elite special forces units to help do the job. Many in the Church were soon corrupted by this cult. As a result, the institutions where the Catholic faith was taught, in order to form more soldiers for Christ, the seminaries, were soon infiltrated by these insidious traitors. Now not only was the faith watered down on the outside, but on the inside as well. Many in the fortress are now sworn enemies of Christ the King, and are actively looking for ways to weaken His Church further so that the armies outside the walls can finish off His remaining loyal subjects. The heresy of modernism has also been a lethal tool of Satan to neutralize the Church’s ability oppose evil, evangelize and live the gospel. Evangelization is now bogged down in the mud of indifferentism. The Church is unable to recruit many new members to fight in her army. Those in authority, the Church hierarchy, are now split between men of faith and apostate traitors. Even some of those who have sought to retain the true faith are often duped and fooled into drinking the poison of modernism. Many know neither their right from their left, nor up from down. As a result, they too have become ineffective to lead the Church militant. Now with most on the inside neutralized, the gates to the fortress are thrown wide open with little to no resistance. As we pan the camera, we see the armies of doom moving in to lay waste to what remains of the mighty fortress and her inhabitants.

This is where we find ourselves in the story. Many of us inside the walls are grasping for whatever we can get our hands on to survive. Many are simply stunned into inaction. Others wander along clueless to the danger. Many others abandoned the fortress in the dead of night as deserters often do. Still there are many malevolent traitors who boldly walk among us. Those who have the power to oppose them most often do nothing, and so the moral of those few soldiers who are willing to fight soon falls into despair. Yet, there are a few men and women who refuse to give up the fight, despite the odds that are stacked against them. They will oppose the evil forces who assault their Lord’s kingdom to the bitter end. They stand tall defending the Kings’s keep with every ounce of strength they have left. They know the casualties are going to be high, yet they will not yield, for they know how this grand epic ends. It is written that the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ, His Church and the heroes who gladly serve Him. Yet, we must ask ourselves these important questions. Who will now be the heroes? Who will be the cowards? Who will be the traitors? Who will be the clueless caught in the crossfire? Who are the enemies that continue to make up the vast assaulting army of Satan? The difference between this story and a Hollywood movie set is that this epic is a reality. We are all called by God to play our part on this silver screen. Without getting into the mystery of predilection and man’s freewill, it is true that we all must choose what character we will play. Hero, villain, henchman, coward, or an extra? Smile, because whether you like it or not, you are on the big screen! Which part you choose to play, and how you choose to live your life is going to be recorded for eternity. I guess you could say that this spectacular grand epic masterpiece is going to be recorded forever on the big blu-ray in the sky!

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