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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pray Tell Watch: Fr. Anthony Ruff On The Natural Law

Here is the latest from Father Anthony Ruff over at his blog, 'Pray Tell.' If you go to the combox for this post, you will see the following statement quoted below by Father Ruff. I will not offer any response to his statement. The fallacious foundation his argument is built upon to advocate rejecting irreformable Church teaching is readily apparent to most properly educated Catholics. I mean truly, the old slavery argument? Is he serious? If you want to clearly see how the heresy of modernism looks  in action, look no further than Fr. Ruff. One has to wonder if Fr. Ruff understands anything whatsoever regarding the natural law. Check this out.

First, on obedience: Obedience is required in the Bible – but it is above all to God. Unless you can predict the future, you don’t know what the Catholic Church will believe to be God’s will, and what the Catholic Church will teach 100 years from now about women’s ordination or same-sex unions or all the other issues. Neither do I. But we both know that Church teaching has changed on other issues. To name one example, Pope Pius IX taught that the right to hold, sell, and buy slaves is based on natural law. If you had been there in the 19th century, would you have claimed that obedience required everyone to accept the pope’s teaching, which we now know was faulty? Or would it have been true obedience to God to disagree with the Pope?...

The Catholic Church, particularly the papacy, has a wretched history on thinking that secular culture should be resisted – think of the papacy’s rejection of freedom of conscience, right to worship, right of free speech, freedom of the press, democratic governments, separation of church and state… All these have been rejected by popes are part of an evil secular culture. Some popes rejected electric street lights and railroads as too modern, for Pete’s sake. (Comments made by Father Anthony Ruff OSB-Pray Tell Blog- Post Titled 'Petition: Belgian priests and laity call for reforms.'


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Hey Matt, I went over to 'Pray Tell' and boy, are those modernists a hysterical bunch. An orthodox commentator mentioned that the solution to modernism is biological, meaning that they will die off because they won't reproduce enough future modernists to replenish their ranks. The libs over at PT went bonkers! They accused this commentator of advocating 'the final solution' against them. The irony of this is that they are the ones doing it to themselves (via sexual immorality and birth control), but it drives them to hysterics when an outsider takes notice of it.

beowulf2k8 said...

"An orthodox commentator mentioned that the solution to modernism is biological, meaning that they will die off because they won't reproduce enough future modernists to replenish their ranks."

I don't think that will work. Homosexuals aren't really homo they are bi. You would have to be a fool to honestly think that its possible for anyone to be attracted only to the same sex. Biologically of necessity everyone is attracted to the opposite sex. They can choose to also be attracted to the same sex, but that doesn't change the fact they are still attracted to the opposite. The homos will have sex with women and reproduce. And even if they won't, our wonderful government under Obamacare will find a way to get them some testtube babies. You "final solution" isn't going to work. You've got to find another way to beat them.

dominic1962 said...

I would think Modernists would at least try to veil what they say to sound orthodox. What he writes (and this isn't the first time) sounds like he copied it right out of Lamentabili sane-but only not disagreeing with it.

Truth3459 said...

Here is a website that includes some quotes from Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB:

"Who is Anthony Ruff?" Judging by these quotes, Fr. Ruff is pretty much discredited in the eyes of anyone with a grain of sense. He also seems to have a lot of time on his hands.