Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas From Christ The King, Sarasota 2011

Merry Christmas to all from Christ the King, Sarasota, FL! Words do not begin to describe the beauty of tonight's candle lit midnight Mass, so I thought I would share a few pictures I took instead.

Checking out Fr. James Fryar's antique missal before Mass.

The altar before Mass.
Fr. Fryar carries in the infant Jesus.
Fr. Fryar kissing the altar.

Breaking out the incense.

Reading the Epistle.
Incensing the Gospel.

The Consecration.

We at Christ the King are truly blessed to have something that few have today in the world. Indeed a Merry Christmas!


jomik said...

Can I leave the first comment?
Holy ChristMass ,Matt!

Dave said...

Great photos! And it was a beautiful Mass.

AeroSky said...

How beautiful! It is so sad to think that so many do not have the chance to attend such a beautiful service on Christmas Eve! I hope the FSSP grows so much! Can you share more pictures for those who cannot enjoy such a beautiful service? Please please please...thank you! :-)

nemo said...

The midnight Mass from CTK is available for download on

Go to the "View the Midnight Mass" icon in the upper right and right-click, save target as, and save to your desktop.
If you have trouble playing it in Real Player or QuickTime (audio and video out of sync), try playing it in Windows Media.

Pre-Mass music starts about 10:00 and Mass starts about 29:30.

AeroSky said...

Thank you :)